Nowadays there are many products available on the market for acne treatment and the newest treatment for acne is argan oil.  Argan oil was used by the women in Morocco for many centuries and has been a well-kept secret in Europe until now. It in a powerful and natural beauty product that is light and is easily absorbed by the skin, hair and nails. The main ingredient is Vitamin E and it also has a high percentage of fatty acids which is excellent for maintaining a good complexion.

Argan oil treats many skin ailments, including psoriasis, eczema and acne, Its healing properties has the added effect of reducing the signs of aging by diminishing fine lines and any wrinkles. Many dermatologists believe that it is important to get rid of oil from the skin, however in a recent study conducted in France showed that argan oil helped regulate the skin's natural oil levels and at the same time lessen the blockage of pores and lessened the amount of acne breakouts.

Due to the many side effects of prescription medication for acne, many people are looking for a natural treatment for acne. Topical creams are easy to use and convenient, however they do cause excessive dryness and red blotchy skin. Taking an oral medication will cause birth defects and uncontrollable mood swings. Since argan oil is made from nuts found on the argan tree it safe to use and has no negative side effects.

The sebaceous glands in the skin are responsible for making oil to help keep the skin moisturized. The oil produced aids in skin lubrication as well. Acne is the result of excess oil produced by these glands. This result in the pores of the skin becoming blocked which is an ideal environment for bacteria to grow and cause acne. Argan oil will stop the over production of oil by the sebaceous glands. With daily use of the oil, you should notice a more controlled production of oil and open pores and a reduction in the amount of acne breakouts you would normally have. Another advantage is that the oil works fast, and one should notice a great improvement within a few weeks.

For acne sufferers out there, argan oil will also aid to lessen any scars caused by acne. Use the oil regularly for added benefit and notice that the skin will be softer too.  When purchasing argan oil look for a cold pressed version and a highly pure one. Any other grade is basically useless. Further more store the oil in a cool place as high temperatures will destroy any essential nutrients found in the argan oil. Apply it to the face with a cotton swab twice daily and notice how effective it is in changing your appearance.

Acne is an embarrassing skin issue for adults and teenagers alike. Finding a product that will work with minimal side effects is difficult. With all the benefits of using argan oil why not give it a try to see the benefits of using argan oil. For all you know you are just a few weeks away from beautiful skin.