So you've decided to buy some high quality organic argan oil and wondering if it's really the 'miracle ingredient' everyone is talking about? Argan oil is known to get rid or wrinkles or at least diminish their appearance due to it's incredibly high levels of vitamin E, vitamin F (omega 6) and healthy fatty acids.


The Berber community in Morocco (Berber-speaking people who live mainly in Morocco, Libya, Tunisia and Algeria) call the Argan tree (Argania Spinosa) the "TREE OF LIFE" and with good reason. The leaves and fruit of the argan tree fed their sheep, goats and camels. And they fed their cattle with the cake that was left over after pressing the argan oil. The Berber people ate the oil, and the argan nut shells were used to burn as fuel. No surprise then, that argan oil is also called 'liquid gold'. "Tree of life" and "liquid gold": these nicknames just show the importance and benefit of argan oil to the Berbers.


The high levels of Vitamin E and Tocopherols (anti-oxidants which help to fight free radicals) and Saponins (agents which help to soften skin) are the main ingredients which give raw organic Argan Oil their amazing anti-aging qualities. Argan oil not only helps find the aging process, it helps to reduce wrinkles by providing nourishment and restoration of the skin's hydrolipid layer. This hydrolipid layer is the layer on top of the 'stratum corneum' or the most outer protective skin layer - it's the layer we see. The hydro-lipid layer acts as our own nautral skin cream - it protects, moisterizes and softens our skin. If you look after the hydro-lipid layer, you're looking after your skin and its appearance.

Morrocan argan oil also contains triterpenoids which can provide enormous healing and protection. They can help to reduce scar tissue, protect from the sun and act as both a disinfectant and an anti-inflammatory.

If you suffer from regular adult acne or skin breakouts, the oil can help. It's also been recommended as a hair conditioner especially for thick course hair and African American hair.

Argan Morrocco Oil has similar good fat content to olive oil but it's a lot more expensive as the tree is not as commonly found as olive trees. However, argan tree groves can survive for over 100 years and the argan oil, if stored in its kernel until it needs to be used, can last for up to 20 years.


Argan oil is best bought as 100% pure, raw organic argan oil. it is widely available online including trusted sources such as Amazon and other online retailers. You can also find it in high quality health stores. Massage it thoroughly into the body both morning and evening until completely absorbed into the skin. It's best used directly after a bath or shower. Read some reviews from actual users for more info.