Argentine tango

What is argentine tango?

What is Argentine Tango? 

There exist common view that  tango is pure passion. Is it really so? Answer: yes and no. Much depends on the case: the level of your dancing, the music, the place and, of course, very much depends with whom u dance.

I have started Argentine Tango  just 10 months ago, but I can already call myself tango addicted.  Now i can't imagine my life without tango. In childhood i had seen some videos on TV where people danced argentine tango, i didn't like it so much because it seemed that people were trying to fight  with each other using legs :). In reality tango is not about this at all. It is about embrace, deep feeling of each other, contact and music. 

How i falled in love with tango?

I tried to go to two different places for the first lesson, but twice i was frustrated- i didn't get anything about passion that i expected, just some boring steps)) But i tried 3d time, and the miracle happened. There was not so many students at the class and the teacher came to me to show some movings- and i felt an extraordinary sense of euphoria which was spread in the breast as a warmth. The feeling was the same when you fall in love the first time. What happened? He just danced with me in music very simple figures.That was enough to feel this contact- the main part in tango.

It is very important in the beginning to find a teacher who will give you a little happiness in the dance. Do not give up , if you do not like the first lesson. In tango as in love: you may be disappointed in love, because choosing the wrong partner, and vice versa can love forever, if you met the right one!

What tango gives to me?

New feeling, new colours in life, new friends. Each dance (if it is with right partner) is like a small life, small history of relations. And it is very funny that one tango with the person can give you much more understanding of his / her inner nature then for example several months of communication. That is tango - in some manner, it is magic.

I want to share with you the video of one of the my favorite tango couple- Geraldine Rojas and Javier Rodrigez. This pair is very popular, even though they don't exist as  tango pair for several years.

I hope you will also try one day this magic dance! :)


argentine tango on the street