An Interesting Movie!

Argo is a very enjoyable movie. Produced by Ben Affleck, George Clooney, and Grant Heslov, Argo never has a dull moment. The plot keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout the entire movie, and it is based of a true story which adds to the tension to every scene because you can not keep telling yourself "It's just a movie! It's just a movie!".  Aside from a few violent scenes and consistent use of the "F" word, Argo was a relatively clean movie.  The cast, which included Ben Affleck (also producing), did a superb job of recreating the scene portraying the extraction of the six escapees of the Iranian raid of the US Embassy during 1979-80.  The movie is based of CIA agent Tony Mendez's  mission to extract the six americans! 

The Cover of Argo

A Brief Plot Outline

The movie opens at the US Embassy in Iran.  Masses of Iranians stand outside chanting unknown phrases that are surely wishing death to America.  The Iranians invade and take hostage all but the six who escape out the back door to the streets, eventually ending up at the Canadian Ambassador's home.  69 days have passed until the next scene.  The CIA is attempting to come up with a plan to extract the six americans.  Several ideas are tossed about, some suggesting missionaries, bikes, teachers, and then the suggestion of a fake movie film in Tehran, Iran.  A crew is assembled to make a legitimate "fake movie".  The script is called "Argo".  Mendez  flies into Tehran and meets the americans.  He gives them fake identities to memorize.  They go on a tour through the bizarre as an alleged film crew.   There is almost a riot, but some quick talking and fast walking got them out.  They leave the next day to get on a plane out of Iran.  At the airport they get their tickets, but as they are boarding the plane they are stopped and intensely questioned.  It appears as if the group will not be able to get on the plane, but at the last second they are let on.  As the plane is taking off, the Iranians identified the six missing americans as those on the plane and chase the plane down the runway but are barely too late to catch the plane.  In the end, the americans get home safely.  Mission Accomplished!  Argo is a great movie, and I would suggest it to anyone with a taste for intense action and history!

Very Funny!

Despite the seriousness of the situation,  the script will no doubt tickle your funny bone!   There are some seriously funny scenes along with the intense action scenes which makes a great mix for any viewer enjoys an "action comedy".  You will never forget the quote by the upper-level CIA official, "This is the best bad idea we have."  I often find myself saying the same thing!

Argo's Official Trailer

The Cast

The cast is as follows:

Ben Affleck as Tony Mendez

Alin Arkin as Lester Siegal

John Goodman as John Chambers

Bryan Cranston as Jack O'Donnell

Tate Donovan as Robert Anders

Clea Duvall as Cora Lijek

Christopher Denham as Mark Lijek

Scott McNairy as Joe Stafford

Kerry Bishe as Kathy Stafford

Rory Cochrane as Lee Shatz

and many more!