Ariens snow blowers are well known as the king of snow. They have a wide variety of snow blowers to choose from. No matter what your snow blowing needs are Ariens will have what you are looking for. They have all variety of sizes and power to help your winter be easier. They offer eight different lines of snow blowers each one offering something different and special.

Professional Series – There are four snow blowers in this series. They are the Pro 26, Pro 28, Pro 32, and Pro 36. All of these models come with hand warming handle grips and automatic traction control systems. The engine size ranges from 305cc in the smaller style to a 342cc in the largest. The same is true with the clearing width, which ranges from 26 inches in the smallest to 36 inches in the largest.

Platinum Series – In this series the Ariens snow blowers get bigger. Here is the Platinum 24 and the Platinum 30. Both of the snow blowers in this series come with automatic traction control and quick turn chute rotation. The Platinum 24 has 249cc engine with a 24 inch clearing space, which the Platinum 30 has a 342cc engine and a 30 inch clearing space.

Deluxe Series – The Deluxe series also has two options. The Deluxe 28 and the Deluxe 30. Both of these models come with a small aluminum gear casing and 14 inch impeller. The 28 has 28 inch clearing space and 249cc engine. The 30 comes with a 30 inch clearing space and a 287cc or a 305cc engine option.

Compact Series – In the Compact series by Ariens snow blowers you have the choice of the Compact 22, 24, or 26. All of these snow blowers come with a wide variety of clearing space and engine size.

Electric Series – There is only one snow blower in the electric series. It is the AMP 24. This snow blower is a larger snow blower, but it is not gas powered like many of the larger machines are. It can last for 30 to 45 minutes depending on the depth of snow being cleared.

Track Series – In the Ariens snow blowers Track series there are three different snow machines to choose from. The Deluxe Track 28 clears 28 inches with a 249cc engine. The Pro Track 28 also clears 28 inches, but with a 342cc engine. The last snow blower in this line is the Pro Track 32 which has a 32 inch clearing and a 342cc engine.

Power Brush Series – There are two different power brushes. They each have an electric start and bush rotation, but the Power Brush 28 has a 169cc Subaru engine and the Power Brush 36 has a 265 Subaru engine.

Sno-Tek Series – The Sno-Tek is the last of the Ariens snow blowers. There are three options in this series. The Sno-Tek 20, 24, and 28. Each machines comes with a wide variety of snow throwing and clearing options as well as engine sizes.