Living north of Toronto, Ontario, in rural farmland, I can tell you, that we can get some wicked snow storms that think nothing of dumping inches and inches of snow. This is where the Ariens snowblower came in handy.


This is the Model We Purchased and are Happy With

Up until last year, we depended on a local farmer to use his tractor and homemade snow thrower to clear out our 300 foot long winding driveway. We paid him well, but he never seemed to be available when we needed him. He operated on his own schedule, and we would feel trapped in our own home after a big storm.

So, last year, after some research we purchased one. This was one of the best decisions we have made. This Arien fired up no problem and although we have a long driveway, it was totally capable of moving some of the heaviest snow. This is totally a heavy duty machine.


The model we purchased, was the Ariens Snowblower Deluxe 30" Briggs & Stratton gas 305cc engine, model number 921013.  There are other models that may suit you better, but if you stick with this particular make you can't go wrong in my opinion.

The layout of our driveway, is such, that a truck with a blade cannot help us, there is no where to push the snow, and we didn't want our newly paved driveway destroyed with a large truck blade. The farmer was helpful, but even he managed to mangle one of our apple trees while turning his large rig around in the driveway. We needed our own blower!


30 inch clearing path

15" x 5" Directional snow tread tires

Easy to steer

Throws snow up to 50 feet

14 inch steel auger

Halogen headlight

easy chute rotation (very important!)

heavy duty XS Aluminum gear case

runs on gas

120 volt electric start

dual stage blower

5 forward speeds and 2 reverse speeds


Haven't found any yet!

Living in the country, has its own special problems in the winter, but at least with this model we don't feel trapped in the house anymore. If a big winter storm happened while we were at work, the first one home would have to just jam their car in the driveway to get it off the street and then dig out the end by hand, and leave the cars at the end of the driveway, until the farmer would come and clear us out.

Sometimes that would be the next day, which is fine, if we didn't have to go to work. By having the Ariens snowblower, it doesn't take long, even with our long driveway to clear a path for for our cars.

The original plan, was to just use it to clear tire paths to get the cars in off the road after a storm, but it worked so well, we were able to do the entire driveway quite quickly, without having to wait on our farmer friend.

Once we have done the driveway, this heavy duty Ariens snowblower makes quick work of the path to the house. Once October rolls around, we make sure everything is ready on our Ariens snowblower and park it front and center in the garage ready for that first big storm. My husband can't wait to use it! He loves it.

If you do make the decision to purchase a Ariens snowblower, do yourself a favor and get it delivered. Even if you own a pickup truck this is a heavy machine, and it was worth it to let Home Depot deliver it and take it off their truck, and make sure it is all setup and working.

The Ariens Snowblower are quality machines, and we are ready for another year of snow!