Tattoos are now very popular among the teens and young adults. Tattoos have different meanings depending on the design. Many people want to have the best design first before they have the design inked on their skin. There are a lot of choices when it comes to the tattoo design since there are now many tattoo artists that can create perfect designs. One of the most requested designs is a zodiac tattoo design. Zodiac encompasses unique personality of the wearer and the inner self. Capricorn, Taurus, and Aries tattoo designs are the most popular zodiac designs.

Arians are the people whose birthday falls between March 21 and April 19. They are known to be leader, lover of freedom, and adventurous. Aries is also known for strength, courage, and wisdom. People with this zodiac usually have Aries tattoo designs since they will carry that sign until the end so the design will not be irrelevant. Some people who carry the Arian traits but not necessarily Arians also choose the design as a statement that they hold those traits.

Aries carries the symbol of a ram or the glyph "V" in which the ends are curled. Ram is the symbol of God of War for both the Roman and Greek mythology. Symbols incorporated with Aries are very flexible and this makes it easy to be partnered with other symbols. People often combine the symbols with intricate tribal designs to balance the simplicity that the symbols have. Most of the time, the symbols are combined with the other elements that the zodiac carries. Since Aries is a fire symbol, people often include flames or color red in the design. One of the popular Aries designs is the glyph surrounded by flames.

Since Aries symbols are very simple, people can add their personal touch to the design. The ram head and the glyph are not limited to black and red only. People can choose the best color that will describe their personality. Other elements of personality can also be included to further enhance the design. Aries tattoo designs can be very intricate or simple depending on the taste of the wearer.