Arion Pedal

How to buy Arion pedals new and used:

There is little record of the guitar effects manufacturer Arion. Although they first became prominent in the late 1980s, their pedals are still sold worldwide through through their largest distributor Arion pedals are best know for their boutique sound and features but low consumer level prices. They achieve this combination by providing high quality circuitry design, wrapped in plastic and cheaper materials. The first thing you'll notice about an Arion pedal is that it "feels" cheaper than a boss, or MXR pedal with a solid medal casing. However, for some guitar enthusiasts, the cookie cutter stompbox style is overdone and Arion pedals give a unique flare to your pedal board at a great price.

Many Arion pedals are made from the same mold. They have a large plastic stomp switch on the bottom, and three knobs for ease of use. Because they break so often, replacement knobs are cheap and easy to find. Simply pull off the old one, and slide on the new knob. Most Arion pedals are priced under $50 dollars which makes them extremely affordable for new guitarists. However, don't let the price fool you. Amature and professional guitarist alike enjoy the quality sound produced by Arion pedals. Over the years, there have been over 20 different Arion effects pedals made, but two stand out as an outstanding value for any guitarist.

Arion SAD-1 Analog Delay:

Already manufacturing their 3rd generation of this pedal, the SAD-3, the original SAD-1 analog delay pedal have been known to sell for over 3 times their original price on the used guitar pedal market. The SAD-1 is best known for it's clear replication of the original guitar tone. Many analog delays "color" the tone of your guitar whether you want them to or not. In some cases, people want their tone affected by their pedals, in other cases you just want clear replication of the sound you worked so hard to create. With it's only downside being poor construction, and limited delay time, if you are looking for an extremely clean delay, then the Arion SAD-1 is a perfect choice.

Arion SCH-1 Stereo Chorus:

Many chorus effects have a poor high frequency response. The Arion SCH-1 on the other hand, excels at reproducing both high and super low frequencies with its tone control knob. There are a number of pros who use the SCH-1 in there signal chain such as Scott Henderson and Dan Huff. Like the SAD-1, the original is preferred over the more recent re-issues and can go for over $100 on eBay. However, just like the SAD-1, the Arion Stereo Chorus pedal produces sound with such clarity, it makes you wonder how they were able to sell them at such a reasonable price.

The best place to find used Arion Guitar Pedals is on online auction sites like eBay. Given enough patience you can score these pedals for a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for a similar boutique pedal. If you are looking for new reissues, be sure to check out sites like Amazon, and