Ranking The Top Sports to Golf in Arizona

Where Sun Meets Fun

Arizona is a place for everyone. The clear skies and bright sun make a hot spot for those who are wanting to retire, as well as those who are wanting to play. What do both of those groups have in common? They all enjoy golf! With over 400 golf courses, people in Arizona have a multitude of choices for their golfing destination. What if you have never been to Arizona, but would like to play there? How would you narrow down the best courses? Luckily there are sites like GolfLink and GolfHub that show you popular courses in the state.

Vista Verde Golf Club

Vista VerdeCredit: http://www.golfhub.com/PhoenixNortheast-Arizona/VistaVerdeGolfClub

The Vista Verde Golf Club has been up and running since 2006. Located in Rio Verde Arizona,  the course is full of beautiful desert terrain and amazing views of the surrounding mountains. The course was designed by Ken Kavanaugh, who wanted to create a course that was playable for every golfer.

Legacy Golf Resort

Legacy Golf ResortCredit: http://www.golfhub.com/PhoenixSoutheast-Arizona/LegacyGolfResort

This 'Ranch turned Golf Course' is now a popular course among golfers. Full of rich Arizona history, the Legacy Golf Resort is a storybook of the development and growth of the state of Arizona. Names like Dwight B. Heard, Theodore Roosevelt and Pancho Villa once walked through these acres.

Arizona Biltmore Golf Club

Arizona Biltmore Golf ClubCredit: http://www.golfhub.com/PhoenixNortheast-Arizona/ArizonaBiltmoreGolfClubAdobe

Another Arizona Golf Club that is rich in history are the Arizona Biltmore courses. This course is a golfers favorite seeing as the course merely gives the golfer the 'choice' of what shoot to take. Rather than play what is made for you, the Arizona Biltmore Adobe Course is a situational course.

Desert Canyon Golf Club

Desert Canyon Golf ClubCredit: http://www.golfhub.com/PhoenixNortheast-Arizona/DesertCanyonGolfClub

A little shorter course, Desert Canyon, gives the golfer a wide variety of doglegs and obstacle shots. All while taking in the immaculate Arizona scenery and mountains. This course will challenge any golfer and test your wit to play conservative or risky.

Camelback Golf Club

Camelback Golf ClubCredit: http://www.golfhub.com/PhoenixNortheast-Arizona/CamelbackGolfClubPadreCourse

This Arthur Hills course is full of water holes and other challenging obstacles that may have you calling your 'Mulligan' early. This course has won a handful of awards for its holes and overall performance.

Whether you live in Arizona, or are just on vacation, you must make an effort to golf at one of these five pristine courses. Don't forget the sunscreen!