Arkansas Log Cabin View

Arkansas Log cabin rentals are a great way to visit the State of Arkansas and to experience everything they offer. An extended stay is one option or you could choose just to spend one night in an Arkansas log cabin rental.

Here are some things you should look for when choosing to rent a log cabin in Arkansas.

Arkansas Log Cabin Area

Do you want to stay in a small pre-built log cabin that is set up like a motel with a lot of other log cabins nearby or do you want a log cabin that is in a rural area and away from everybody? Do you want to have neighbors next door you can chat with or do you want to sit in you underwear on the porch staring at the deer and not have to worry about anybody seeing you or bothering you?

Each option is viable but it depends on your needs in a log cabin rental in Arkansas. If you want to get away from everybody and have time to write and not be disturbed you may choose to have a rural cabin in Arkansas with no neighbors.

If on the other hand you want to have people nearby then you can choose a log cabin community where there are a lot of small cabins built next to each other.

Long Term Cabin Rental or Short term Cabin Rental in Arkansas

Do you want to rent a log cabin for one night like a motel and move onto a new destination the next day or do you want to stay for an extended period in one Arkansas log cabin and feel like it is your home?

You can find cabins to rent in Arkansas that you can spend one night in, one week, or even rent for an entire season. If you want to move to Arkansas permanently you could also lease a log cabin in Arkansas but if you decide to do that then you may be better off with a log cabin layaway plan where you can begin to pay on the log cabin home of your dreams. You can also buy a pre-built hunting cabin.

Rustic or Modern Arkansas Log Cabin

Do you want a quaint little cabin like our pioneer forefathers grew up in or do you want a larger and fancier log cabin? Many people are surprised about how happy they are with a simple log cabin as opposed to spending all of your vacation money on an elaborate and fancy log cabin.

Arkansas Log Cabin Rental Area

What part of Arkansas do you want to stay in? Arkansas has many diverse regions and depending on your activities you could find heaven on earth with your Arkansas log Cabin rental. If you like to fish then stay near a lake or stream where you can fish the day away. If you like rock climbing then stay at a cabin that is centrally located to areas where you can rock climb. Target the area of Arkansas you want to stay in by the activities that are near and dear to your heart.

Arkansas Log Cabins Rental List

You can find many log cabins for rent in Arkansas by simply searching on the Internet. You could also contact some of the real estate agents in the area you decide on and many times they will be able to either provide you with an Arkansas log cabin rental list or be able to steer you to somebody that does have a log cabin to rent.

Arkansas Summer Cabins in the Wintertime

Many people own cabins that they only use during the warm summer months. If you contact some of these people you could get a job house sitting their cabin during the winter. Some of the fancier cabins have basic maintenance that must be done such as keeping the pipes from freezing. These people need someone there when they are not to make sure that there summer cabin is not burglarized. You would get to stay at the cabin for free in exchange for basic maintenance and security. Oftentimes you can also get paid a token amount.

Arkansas Bed and Breakfast Cabins

You can also find bed and breakfast setups where you either stay in a room inside a large log cabin or there will be multiple tiny log cabins set up and you meet in the main house for breakfast each morning.

An Arkansas bed and breakfast cabin is a popular choice for honeymooners and those celebrating anniversaries. These are also popular choices for certain individuals with handicaps.

Arkansas Log cabin Living

One of the best ways to vacation in Arkansas is by Arkansas log cabin living. You get to use your Arkansas log cabin rental as a base camp to all of the activities in the area that you want to be involved with including mountain biking, fishing, hunting, rock climbing, boating, hiking, and even gold prospecting.

If you have never stayed in a rustic log cabin then you are in for a treat. Living in an Arkansas log cabin, even if only for a few days, will open your mind up and cause you to fall in love with the log cabin structure.

Arkansas Log Cabin Rental Prices

The cost will vary depending on which season you visit Arkansas, which style of log cabin you choose, and the area where you stay. You may be asked to pay a deposit upfront but you will get this back in most cases as long as you care for the log cabin as if it were your own.

Pricing can be expensive for 1 night stays and pother short term stays but if you plan on staying for an entire season you can get much lower prices. If you stay in the off season such a slate winter then you may be able to get a deep discount off of the summer rates. You may also be able to stay for free if you can find a log cabin owner who wants and needs a house sitter.

Early fall has many of the Arkansas log cabins filled to capacity with deer hunters but as the hunters begin to clear out the rates tend to drop drastically for the Arkansas log cabin rentals. Image Credit: (Flickr/Andrew Ciscel)