Most people are familiar with generic lipoplasty. Lipo is usually associated with losing the 'beer belly' or the 'love handles'. Still others refer to lipo as the ultimate in reducing 'thunder thighs', hips or buttocks. Men and women alike undergo liposuction to reduce their breasts.

Believe it or not many undergo liposuction of their arms. Women seem to like this more than men. It's natural for women to develop excess fat in their upper arms as they age. Women become self conscious about wearing clothing that exposes their arms, they even have trouble finding a comfortable sleeve.

The more it bothers women the more popular lipoplasty becomes for the arm. The procedure itself is short and is performed with local anesthesia. It can last as short as one hour or as long as several hours, normal activity can be resumed relatively quickly.

This surgery requires a few steps. Before they get started a surgeon will need to consult with a patient, sometimes more than once, about what their ultimate goal is. Afterwords, the surgery is scheduled.

Right before the surgery, the doctor will mark on the patient's arm. The markings are done to remind the doctor what needs to be done. Next, the arm is cleaned and prepped for surgery.

Shortly after the patient is anesthetized, small incisions are made. A cannula needle is used to move back and forth through the fatty tissue. As it moves around it breaks up and suctions out the fat.

Post surgical bruising and swelling is common. The bruising reduces rather quickly, however, the swelling may take weeks or even months post surgery to go down.

It is up to you to research, assess and decide if the benefits of the procedure outweight the costs. I am not talking about the money, but about the side effects mentioned and the general risks you expose yourself. This is really not something to be taken lightly, in the blind chase for a solution. Do a proper analysis and then whatever you choose, you know that reflects the best alternative for you.