Armageddon Film Review

I know, I know. The movie Armageddon is one people to love to hate on, mostly because it is a Michael Bay action film; and ultimately because of its scientific inaccuracies (of which there are many). It is important to remember this though: this is a movie. Even Michael Bay has admitted that it is not meant to be completely accurate to science (that again is an understatement). Rather, what is presented is a action filled, romantic, and fun escapade by a rag-tag group of pseudo astronauts. I have seen this movie countless times, and it continues to be one of my favorite actions movies.

Armageddon Movie Review - Film Poster

Now, onto the review (from a literary perspective!):

The movie Armageddon is first and foremost entertaining. It comes with a variety of problems scientifically and logically, however if one can suspend their disbelief this film is very enjoyable and ultimately interesting to think about with regards to apocalyptic scenarios.

The nature of the apocalypse found in this film is one in which the world is much like it is now, except the Earth is being threatened by a giant asteroid that could wipe out the entire planet. The world is simply like the world we currently live in, and that is what makes this end of the world scenario so appealing to me. It is hard to suspend belief into a fantasy fiction world and feel like this could really happen. In Armageddon, there is a sense that this “could” happen to the Earth; even despite the scientific and logical flaws. It feels this way because I was able to see the world through the camera lens, the same world I inhabit. The rampant emotions ranging from laughter and happiness to pure sadness and depression shows the human condition in a way not often seen in action films like this.

The “resistance movement” found in this film consists of NASA and some oil miners who are sent to land on the asteroid, drill into it, split it in half, and save the planet. These people primarily consist of a mixture of professional oil drillers (who come with their individual idiosyncrasies) and the professional astronauts and government personnel found in NASA.

In this film, there appears to be a glimmer of hope that this apocalypse can be avoided; which results in sending astronauts and oil drillers into space to land on the asteroid. This apocalypse is also relatively believable. Without much of a background in science, perhaps I am inaccurate, but it would at least appear that something like this could be possible given the right conditions (IE: an asteroid colliding with the Earth). The likeliness is, at least, very low; but I can still conceive of an apocalypse like this in my mind (which ultimately makes this movie easier for me to enjoy). Chalk that up to a philosophical argument for why this could occur if you wish, but it allows me to watch this movie with much more ease than other people. 

The believability of the actions taken in this film are a different story. It seems rather ludicrous that the US government would send oil drillers as opposed to trained astronauts is only the first issue I have with the actions being taken. In addition, it seems absurd that we would use the moon to catapult a space ship in the direction of the asteroid. Ultimately, the actions being taken are unbelievable. I could not think of what could be proposed as an alternative; however. As a result, if an event like this ever occurred in reality; I would presume the planet would be destroyed as a result of not having technology to destroy an entire asteroid. To watch this film, one must be able to suspend their beliefs temporarily; and this is something I can certainly do.

The influences found in this film are hard to pinpoint, though there is inevitably some apparent influences from science fiction works. The very nature of a story accounting for an asteroid coming to destroy the Earth seems like a basic story basis that appeals to human beings a lot because it seems like it could be possible in our own world, and this notion is ultimately threatening to our existence as a whole.

In the end, I really loved this movie. It made me laugh and even cry towards the end (multiple times I might add!). I would definitely recommend checking out Armageddon if you are a fan of Bruce Willis, Michael Bay, or action movies in general.