An armoire wardrobe can be your most expensive furniture choice. It's also really going to be the focal point of the room. It's usually the largest piece of furniture in your space. You can use it to store books, DVDs, or of course clothes.

If you want an antique style then you can really change up the overall finish so it isn't too heavy. This allows you to use a lot of the French style furniture with all kinds of carvings. Then get a more modern take on it. This is going to be very striking. You can even find pieces with glass door fronts. Of course, you may want to go with a frosted glass or just try using paper or a floral wallpaper to really make sure that you’re getting functional storage. However, a clear glass door is going to be very striking and it's definitely something that people don't see everyday.

You can also really make sure that this doesn't dominate your room. Mirrored armoires are going to be quite expensive. However it also serves several purposes. You really won't need a floor length mirror in your space. The entire piece can be made of mirrors. However, if it's more of the vintage style then you're really going to see a lot of deep mahogany wood tones with a large mirror on the front of the doors.

Another option is to go with the Hollywood Regency style. This tends to use several mirrors and wood tones together. There usually is going to be some slight wood carvings on top of this in a circular or an x design style. This is going to allow you to tie it in with either mirrored furniture or wood furniture. It also makes sure that neither style really dominates your space.

You can also decorate an armoire wardrobe to take it into a totally new design direction. One easy way to do this would be to just keep it elegant with a tassel on the door front. You could even hang old skeleton keys from the knobs. Another option is to decorate it for the holidays with a garland on top that drapes down on either side although this will be your more expensive option. However, you could hang small Christmas ornaments from the door pulls. You could even hang mini wreaths from the doors. Keep it chic by just using one of these ideas at a time.

Use this in a space that doesn’t have a lot of color in it already. An all white room might just seem cold. However, bring in an oversized red armoire and suddenly you have a very country design style. Plus then you can still bring in a color that would usually be too bold for your wall color.

Armoire Wardobes
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