As the type of guy who likes to keep his car looking nice without spending any more money than absolutely necessary, I thought I'd put together this Armor All Wipes Review for anyone who might find it interesting. Despite a pretty heavy media blitz by the fine folks at Armor All, I wasn't convinced that their wipes would work as advertised, so I did what most of us would do: I Googled them. Sadly, I couldn't find a decent Armor All Wipes Review to save my life (most of them were either vendors trying to sell them, or sneaky marketers trying to act like they were non-partison reviewers).

So, in the name of science, I grabbed a package of Armor All Wipes - they came in a tube, kind of like baby wipes - and decided to put them through my own set of tests, with the intention of providing a non-biased, no-holds-barred review for anyone who could benefit.

Armor All Wipes Review: The Good

Honestly, these wipes worked incredibly well - much better than I anticipated. Armor All branded these as both cleaners and protectors, which I'm assuming means they safely clean common automotive interior surface materials and leave behind some kind of protective layer, minimizing the effects of the sun and making it less likely to dry out and crack.

I can't speak to the "Protection" claim, since I only used these a few days ago. But I can say, in all confidence, that these little wipes cleaned off some serious grime! My car was in need of a serious deep cleaning, but I had no idea how much dirt was imbedded in the most unassuming places, like the back side of the steering wheel, the gearshift, the buttons on the radio and the blinker selector. In my car, these are all black, which makes it harder to notice built-up grime, but the Armor All Wipes got it. I figured it'd pick up the nasty dust that has been accumulating on my dash board (which it did), but the amount that was there paled in comparison to the places I mentioned before.

As you probably know, dirt is the enemy of pretty much everything. I'm glad I ran the Armor All Wipes over these unassuming spots, because who knows how much damage it could have done to the leather and vinyl surfaces if left unchecked?

I found it kind of humorous that using one of these wipes is like using an anti-acne medicated pad, I kept looking at the dirt it pulled up and saying "Gross..."

Oh, one more thing: I only used three or four total wipes on my entire car, and I probably could have used one or two less. They come out of the tub with enough Armor All solvent to polish the interior of a tank.

Armor All Wipes Review: The Bad

My major beef with the Armor All Wipes so far? The package doesn't seal very well. Remember how I said I only used a couple? Well guess what happened to the other 20 or so? They dried out. It's only been a few days, but they are dry enough to use as Kleenex. I even double checked the "seal" on the tub before putting them away, and it was as tight as possible.

My brother insists that I must have bumped them or wasn't careful enough when I put them up on the garage shelf. My response: If the tub is so fragile that the lid will unseal at even the slightest bump, then it's a serious design flaw. So wether it's a manufacturing defect, an engineering oversight or just plain-old shoddy quality, it didn't set well with me.

My advice: Use the whole tub when you buy them. You won't be able to save any, so you might as well get your money's worth.

Armor All Wipes Review: Overall Rating

Despite the lid/drying issue, the wipes did their job (at least the cleaning aspect), and did it well - just as good as advertised. And unlike washing the inside of my car by hand, I didn't need a whole arsenal of cleaning products and an entire afternoon to dust, wash, rinse and dry; the Armor All Wipes did the work of all three stages.

Again, I'd strongly suggest buying the smallest package available, and using as many as you can, otherwise you'll just end up throwing the unused ones away a few days later anyway.

Overall, I'd give this Armor All Wipes Review a solid A- rating.