armpit rash

The armpit is a very sensitive part of our body, and we don't tend to give it the care it needs. We only look at it to shave or apply deodorant, and only when it is itchy or burning do we notice an armpit rash.

A rash can form in this area, as it is warm and the skin is sensitive. It doesn't take much to irritate this part of your body. If you sweat a lot, or if you use lots of different products, then a armpit rash may be a reaction. Here are a couple of tips to help avoid armpit rash or try and pinpoint the cause.


If you develop a armpit rash that feels burning especially the day after shaving, then you are most likely experiencing razor burn.

There are a few things you can try. Change your razor, if the blade is dull then it will not shave as close and cause razor stubble and burn. You can have a separate razor for your armpit, rather than using the same one you use on your legs, which are a bit tougher than your sensitive armpits and will dull the blade faster.

Use lotions or shaving cream for sensitive skin. Put them on the skin first, they will soften the hairs for shaving and help protect your skin.

Put a sensitive skin lotion on afterwards

Make sure you have washed the area first before shaving, as this can irritate the armpit further. If you shave while in the shower, let the armpit area get wet and this will soften the hair in this area to be shaved.

If after you try the above, and you still get razor burn, then maybe consider hair removers that don't use a razor. There are products that are designed for sensitive skin especially around the underarms. Just read the label and try in a tiny spot first.

Deodorant or Antiperspirant

Have you tried a new brand? Many people will experience armpit rash if they change brands. Your skin can be very sensitive to the chemicals in these products.

Deodorants are designed to stop odor

antiperspirants are designed to stop wetness.

Both use different chemicals to achieve this, and your armpit rash may be telling you that it doesn't like this brand. It could be as simple as the perfume in these products. If you find a product you like then stick with it.

TV ads are always touting new deodorant and antiperspirant products to try, but if you have sensitive skin, and the product you use right now works, don't change unless you have to.

So, if you are forming a itchy or burning armpit rash within a couple days of trying a new brand, then this could be the reason. In this case, wash the affected area and don't wear any product for a few days until the armpit rash settles down. Wear loose clothing and this should help.

Laundry Soap

Have you changed any laundry products lately? Did you try a new detergent? or softener, or even a spot/stain remover can cause irritation. If you have not changed any laundry products accept for a stain fighter, then this could be the reason. If you have been trying to get out underarm stains in clothing by using a stain fighting product, and then form a armpit rash within days. Stop using this product. Even though it gets washed out, there will always be a little bit of residue left in the clothes, and this can be the cause of irritation that is causing your armpit rash.

New top

Did you just buy that new blouse or t-shirt, and you are wearing it right off the rack? Then form a armpit rash? Then this could also be a reaction to any chemicals that might be on the fabric, such as starches or dry cleaning chemicals. Wash your garment and you will notice the armpit rash go away. Armpits can react to many chemical irritations.


If you are active is sports, or you naturally sweat more, then you can trigger a armpit rash from the heat. It is best if you can wear loose clothing, and clothing that wicks away the perspiration. Synthetic fabrics have a tendency to hold in the perspiration, which can cause a armpit rash from heat. Wear breathable materials if you have a problem with heat rash.

If you have tried to track down the culprit to your armpit rash, and you have not changed any products and you have not changed any routines, then you should see your doctor. Infection in hair follicles can happen and cause armpit rash. The armpit is a great breeding ground for bacteria, so by keeping this area clean you can avoid most armpit rash, but a doctors visit may be in order if this armpit rash really hurts, or you feel unwell.

But by checking the above tips, you will be able to tell the doctor, what your routine is, and that you have not changed products. This way you know it is not a reaction to something you use.