The Army has a rich tradition and the origin of challenge coins can be traced back to the Air Service branch of the Army. All military coins are popular collectibles and Army challenge coins are no exception. From famous Army operations, to divisions, to famous enlisted men and officers, the themes that have been commemorated by Army challenge coins is nearly endless. Challenge coins are a great way to teach children about military history and make great display items as well.

Army Challenge Coins - Operations tokens

While the Middle East conflict still rages, there have already been numerous operations tokens already issued. Army challenge coins featuring Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Iraqi Freedom themes are numerous and collected by soldiers' families as a sign of support. Similarly, history delivered numerous Operation Desert Storm related coins and there are coins honoring various Operations from the Vietnam War, Korean War, and World War II. A niche collector can easily amass a large collection of custom challenge coins dedicated to nothing but Army Operations.

Army Challenge Coin

Army Challenge Coins - Division tokens

Extremely popular are tokens honoring the airborne, infantry, armored and calvary divisions. More often than not, the colorful nicknames associated with these most popular divisions are featured prominently on the coins. Famous nicknames like the Screamin' Eagles of the 101st Airborne, Old Ironsides of the 1st Armored Division, Hell On Wheels for the 2nd Armored Division, or the Big Red One of the 1st Infantry Division all are featured on numerous Army challenge coins.

Army Challenge Coins - Service men tokens

Thematic challenge coins from the Army are popular with the Special Forces coins being among the most popular. The Green Berets are truly one of the most respected units in the entire world and it is no surprise that this elite squad is featured on so many coins. Again, a collector can easily limit himself to nothing but Green Beret/Special Forces tokens and still amass a huge collection. General tokens are also made which show rank and officer emblems. Many military challenge coins have been issued honoring famous Army generals and colonels and the common Army veteran who served just as proudly if not anonymously.

The choices for collectors of Army challenge coins are vast. Since these tokens originated from this branch of the U.S. Military, many older coins still exist and are still affordable. Modern Army challenge coins are being issued regularly and with the current conflict likely to continue into the near future, the offerings will only increase in the coming years. Younger collectors on a limited budget can easily find modern Army challenge coins both at flea markets and online for just a few bucks each. They can learn about military history and have a great item to display at the same time. The earlier and more expensive Air Force challenge coins from the earliest days of the Air Services division are for more advanced collectors, but can flesh out an Army collection, too. Others may also choose to collect Navy challenge coins and Marine challenge coins. All are wonderful.