Army costumes are up there as a guy favorite on Halloween night. They're tough, cool, and totally fun. Especially with how popular military movies and video games like Call of Duty are; guys of all ages love it. Now, on Halloween (or for any costume party) you can go the packaged costume route or you could instead opt for cheap tactical gear and put together a kick butt costume of your dreams. 

When you opt for pulling your army costume together though cheap tactical gear, you get a lot more control over creating your cool look. It's unique to you; not one of many packaged military costumes. Plus, a lot of the gear can be part of your wardrobe after Halloween night. Camoflauge is a big part of modern casual fashion, and tactical pants take on a whole new level of usability in the digital age we live in. Lots of gear to stow these days whether you're a soldier or no. 

Woodland Digital Camouflage Military Combat Shirt, SmallCredit:

So here's five pieces of cheap tactical gear to get your army costume started. Sure it's more expensive than buying a packaged costume, but you'll look cooler and you'll definitely get a lot more use out of it!

A Military Combat Shirt

Light weight and breathable.

Rothco Rothco Combat Shirt - Woodland Digital Camo, Small
Amazon Price: $56.34 $41.99 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 9, 2016)

You've seen these shirts in action on all sorts of war movies and military documentaries. It's the staple "on the move" military shirt: lightweight and breathable to keep the solider comfortable and colored to mix in with their current environment. It's cool comfort and perfect as the base for a Halloween army costume. 

It's not only digital camouflage that these shirts come in. In fact, this specific shirt has nine different color options, from solid army greens and desert sand hues to woodland and desert camouflage. So you have a lot of choices to make in terms of your overall look. Do you go woodland? Desert? Camo or just basic green? You can develop your costume in unique ways when you opt for creating it with tactical gear. 

A Pair Of Tactical Pants

Usable well beyond Halloween night.

5.11 #74273 Men's TacLite Pro Pant (Tundra, 36W-34L)
Amazon Price: $54.99 $49.99 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 9, 2016)

Men's TacLite Pro PantCredit: AMazon.comHere's the other base part of your military Halloween costume. The tactical pant. It's all about the flexibility, comfort, and function with these pants. They're built to give you a free range of movement and a lot of storage capacity. It's all about those pockets. You've got two deep cargo pant pockets ready and waiting for additional gear. And there's a knife pocket perfect for a toy rubber knife as a costume accessory. 

It's a cool pair of pants, and it comes in a wide range of colors. So you can mix and match the military shirt top and these pants to find the right color combo for your Halloween look. 

Perhaps best of all, you'll find yourself wearing these pants well beyond the Halloween party or trick or treating. They're that comfortable and the pockets are very useful for the digital age in which we live. You can fit smart phones and even tablet computers into those pockets with plenty of room to spare. If you're outdoorsy at all, these pants will give you a lot of mileage. 

The Tactical Belt

No other belt will do for your military costume.

 BLACKHAWK! CQB/Rigger's BeltCredit: Amazon.comYou've got your cool tactical gear base for your army Halloween costume; don't go ruining it by throwing on just any old belt. You've got to nail it with some sort of tactical belt. These belts give the air that serious things are afoot. There's no kidding around. It's sort of like Batman with his utility belt. He's not the same without it. And neither is an army costume without a tactical belt. 

The material and bucklers of this Blackhawk tactical belt are parachute grade. Chances are you're not jumping out of a plane on Halloween night, but it's certainly a conversation piece! The belt comes in four different colors (from greens to sand khaki), so again you can mix things up based on the look you've made with your tactical shirt and pant choices. 

The Tactical Backpack

Your awesome Halloween goodie bag.

NcStar Tactical DIGITAL CAMO Pack
Amazon Price: $39.99 $27.60 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 9, 2016)

NcStar Tactical DIGITAL CAMO PackCredit: Amazon.comWhether you're heading to a Halloween party or out on the street to do some trick or treating with your kids, a bag comes in mighty handy during Halloween night. And this tactical backpack fits the total army costume look perfectly. Topped off with a ton of pockets and a lot of storage space, it's got you covered in style.

And this is again a piece of cheap tactical gear that'll serve you for years, not just Halloween. It's a great bag for camping, hiking, fishing, or really any other outdoor activity. 

Tactical Goggles

Topping off the kick butt look.

Rothco Black VenTec Tactical Goggle
Amazon Price: $16.49 $6.00 Buy Now
(price as of Feb 9, 2016)

Rothco Ventec Tactical GoggleCredit: Amazon.comSo you've got the base costume and the bag down, now it's time to take the cool factor to eleven. Top it all off with some tactical goggles. Everything about them screams military awesome. Lightweight, made of polycarbonate, and just designed to intimidate in style. If there's one tactical accessory you go for, it's got to be the goggles. 

And once again, they've got uses throughout the year. The goggles here are scratch resistant and anti-fog, plus they offer UV400 protection. If you're an outdoorsman, I'm sure there's a use case for these goggle nearly every weekend. Or turn them into super cool driving sunglasses when Halloween is through. 

Make Your Army Costume Your Own

Creating army costumes is totally fun for Halloween. Adults love it and kids love it too. Opting for cheap tactical gear is a smart way to build a costume that's unique and that has a shelf life that goes past Halloween night. Plus it's just fun. You could create a mini-army among your friends or your family, and set out on Halloween "on patrol". Have fun with it and go make that costume your own!