The U.S. Army is devoted to leadership. Any person who is looking to make the military a career must also dedicate time to developing leadership skills.

Army leadership is a given if you plan on staying in the military for a long period of time.

The Army is built upon a chain of command. Everything that is organized is based upon leadership. Each part of the chain has a specific number of subordinates.

There are several classes of leaders. The "backbone" of the Army consists of Non-Commissioned Officers. These are supervisors who make sure the job gets completed.

Warrant Officers are experts in some kind of technical field. They are valued for their skills in a particular field.

Lastly, there are commissioned officers. These are the officers who take the responsibility of most commands. There are several rankings ranging from Second Lieutenant to the uncommon Four Star General.

Army leadership is a serious business. There are several classes and schools that officers need to go through during their career to make sure that they understand what is expected of them as a leader.

Some of these classes help the leader learn about the tasks that need to be performed. Other classes teach leaders how to deal with hypothetical problems that could exist in a unit, or actually learning how to deal with real problems.

George Washington was one of the most well-known and greatest Army leaders in history. His calmness, determination, and patriotism were the traits that make him the backbone of the Revolution. Without his ability and person strength, America would have never won after those difficult eight years.

As a boy, Washington learned how to fence and actually served in the Virginia militia. Even the skill he learned of surveying helped him understand settlement conditions, the cautious strategies of Indian warfare, and the difficult travels through unsettle areas in winter.

Regardless of what challenge or task that was ahead of him, Washington fulfilled his duty. After witnessing the horror of a massacre, and being almost killed himself, Washington had the courage as a colonel to take command after General Braddock has been mortally wounded.

Army leadership requires a lot of courage, faith, and hard work to fulfill the duties that are laid out before you. George Washington is a great example of these abilities.

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