Cheap Aromatic Essential Oils for Sale - Natural Medicinal Scents and Fragrances

The use of aromatic essential oils is a breakthrough in the field of alternative medicine. It is nature on your doorstep offering great deals of relaxation and rejuvenating experience. With well-balanced aroma components, aromatic essential oils give off fragrance that could equal the benefits of conventional pharmaceutical medications.

Aromatic essential oils are concentrated liquids with volatile plant constituents. Obtained by means of steam distillation, cold expression or other means of extraction, these highly condensed oils are obtained from the natural extracts of the plant parts from which it was taken. Each obtained essential oil contains its own combination of active components which determines the oil's utility and function.

With its wonderful relaxing effects to the mind, the fantastic aromas of essential oils are sought after by many people across different cultures in the need to relieve stress and tension from the body.

Aromatherapy and essential oils

Essential oil is considered the root of aromatherapy, the method of restoring and improving physical and psychological health by the use of extracted oils from different plant parts such as petals, leaves, stems, roots and barks. Essential oils giving off relaxing fragrance are considered aromatic essential oils. These give off many health benefits, notably the stimulation of the functions of the brain to make the person calm and become optimistic, hence, considered the backbone of aromatherapy.

Because of people's desire to create the most soothing aroma, aromatic essential oils are being blended together to create new and more intricate fragrances. In fact, aromatic essential oils are blended for special needs like specific therapeutic application. These thoroughly blended oils for therapeutic purposes are called aromatic essential oil synergy. The new blend is considered to be more powerful in therapeutic action compared to lone aromatic essential oil.

Health benefits of aromatic essential oils

Essential oils have several recognized uses like skin lotion when diluted, household and laundry cleaner, insect repellant, pesticide and even as candles. However, the most famous use of aromatic essential oil in which one can really take advantage of its amazing benefits is when it is inhaled into the lungs. This tenders both physical and psychological well-being of a person. The fragrance of the aromatic essential oil incites the brain to prompt a reaction making the person's mental disposition active and healthy. Moreover, it offers therapeutic benefit to the lungs when inhaled. The very common aromatic essential oil being inhaled to aid in physical discomfort is the eucalyptus essential oil which helps alleviate congestion.

Aromatic essential oil can also be very helpful in the psychological well-being of the person using it. It can aid in mild forms of depression, relieve mental fatigue and sleep problems.

Uses of aromatic essential oils

There are several ways to take advantage of the beneficial aromas of essential oils. However, you must be able to do it properly with special attention on the safety precautions you need to follow for every type of oil you use. If possible, do not use a type of oil that may irritate your mucous membranes.

The most basic way to use it is for easy inhalation. You can pour three to four drops of aromatic essential oil on a piece of cloth and then place it near your nose to inhale. In doing this, you need to make sure that you do not have an allergy to the type of oil you use.

Another use of aromatic essential oil is steam inhalation. You just simply add three to seven drops of the oil to two cups of boiling water. Inhale from a distance of twelve centimeters or more, depending on what comforts you best. Stop inhaling if you experience any discomfort. This type of use can help heal colds and flu.

Other than the two, aromatic essential oil can also be best used for room and general household freshening and during bathing.

Safety precautions

The use of aromatic essential oils should however be done properly. One should always remember that essential oils are flammable and so should not be exposed to fire. Also, many essential oils are too strong to be applied directly on the skin. If used in a massage, it should only be added to massage lotions or creams. You should also try on the amount to be used so as to assure that it does not elicit any allergic reactions to the skin.


Aromatic essential oils have indeed embarked a renaissance in the line of health-care alternatives. Their effectiveness can be best seen in the fact that it can both be a cure and prevention for different types of physical and psychological health problems. It is just so amazing how smells can address health problems as it instigates a cascade of biological responses healing the entire body and even one's disposition.