Income Report

First income report!

Today is the last day of April and April 1st I joined Infobarrel to start my passive income journey. I set out a goal of reaching 100 articles in 30 days and didn't bother setting a goal of how much to make since I simply have no idea and no data to test it against. This article will consist of my goal and my earnings, both of which I am extremely happy about being that this is my first month ever in the online world of making money.

Goal: Reached!

I joined Infobarrel on April 1st and was excited to see how capable I was in writing articles to make passive income online. Since I knew that there were a lot of ideas floating around in my head I made myself a challenge of reaching 100 Infobarrel articles in 30 days. I figured that if I wrote frequently each day this would be attainable so I had a cushion if I missed a day or two of writing. I am pleased to report that not including this article I have made 101 Infobarrel articles and today is day 30. I have reached my goal and I am pleased to say that! I wasn't sure if I was able to make it, but a mountain is only a mountain until you take steps to conquer it, then it looks less and less intimidating. As for the next month and the months to come, my bank of ideas in my mind has basically run dry so now I'm just going to write articles as they come unlike this first month where I had tons of ideas just waiting to be written about. I would like to maintain a decent pace going forward of maybe one article a day which would mean 30 articles a month. That will be a good goal for me now and I hope to be able to maintain that. My goal has been reached, so now let's see the results so far!

April 2013 earnings

I'm excited to post this as this is my very first month. I have 3 sources of income, two of which are really making me any money. Infobarrel is my primary source of income and writing, Bubblews was something I recently discovered a week ago, and Redgage makes me money but I use it strictly for backlinking so the income is a non issue for me. My Infobarrel earnings started off great for my very first month, and my Bubblews earnings would have been a lot higher if I had been using them all month and not for just a week. Many Infobarrel writers use Amazing affiliate links to make additional income, but due to the fact that I live in a state where Amazon has banned the program, I can't suppliment that income with Amazon so I'm left with strictly Adsense earnings. Another benefit is I won first place in the Infobarrel writing contest so this was an additional bonus to my total first month earnings. Here are my totals as of April 30th at midnight.

Infobarrel earnings from Adsense: $ 5.81

Infobarrel bonus contest earnings: $ 100.00

Bubblews earnings: $ 12.72

Redgage earnings: $ 1.09

Total earnings for April 2013: $ 119.62

Again Redgage is nice that I make something from them, but it's slow and not a goal of mine. I just use them as a good backlink and if I do ever reach payout that's a bonus. Bubblews is outperforming Infobarrel by a long shot but that will change as the articles I write here mature and get more views. Infobarrel is where all of my focus is and I'm happy to say that things are only going to get better as I make more articles and create more ideas to put down on paper (or Word in this case). Infobarrel will perform a lot better once the articles get indexed properly and as I build backlinks to them views will increase as well. I'm hoping to at least double my Infobarrel Adsense earnings by May.

Where the road leads?

Now that I have my first month down I can start to make data comparisons and measure my progress to see if things stagnate and what is successful. My articles on fitness and health are doing the best out of all my articles so I'll likely branch out further into that field so I can see more gains, but I'm still writing whatever comes to mind as the more I write the more I make. I'm continuing to do SEO and keyword research so I have no doubt that the quality of my articles will improve as well. I predict that my earnings for Infobarrel and Bubblews will be significantly higher since this was my first month and many of the articles haven't had a chance to get any views yet, so May of 2013 will be a great second month to report on. Looking forward to seeing where this article writing hobby of mind takes me, but I'm sure that this time next year I'll be seeing much bigger figures and that will be nice to have as passive income working for me. I'm glad I was able to reach my goals, and I hope that next month I'll have a lot more to say!