May 2013

May was a great month for my writing and earnings and while things have slowed down to almost a screeching halt in actual article creations I have seen increases in my earnings for my efforts. Scroll down and see how things went for me this month!

Earnings and Writings

Earnings for the month of May were up all across the board! While my writings have plummeted because I just have no ideas and life is pretty busy, it was nice to see the article base I have built up over the past 2 months bring home the bacon! Here are my finalized results for May for all of my passive income sources.

Infobarrel: $13.43

Bubblews: $47.33

Redgage: $ 1.08

Total earnings for May 2013: $61.84

Last month I brought home $119.62, but the bulk of this was the $100 contest I won from Infobarrel since I came out of the gates storming ahead of the pack. This month I think I came in like 8th place because my writings died down due to my busy schedule and lack of ideas. So overall my earnings from my actual writings and ads were significantly higher than April 2013 but that's to be expected since I was new and just starting to produce content. I'm happy that the ventures and sources I have created over the past two months are only increasing and doing better in pageranks and in earnings.

It's interesting to note how much more money I'm making over at Bubblews and some of my writings aren't nearly as high quality as here on Infobarrel. That's certainly not saying anything bad about Infobarrel or anything superb about Bubblews but it's just interesting to note. All of my articles here on Infobarrel are backlinked over at Bubblews and i've made numerous small entries over there and seeing great results from it. I highly suggest anyone that wants to make a great passive and active income stream go take a look at this place. I've cashed out twice (2 $25 payments) and already spent them on seasons of NCIS!

As for my writings, I've basically screeched to a halt as of now. The ideas that I had in my head during April and early May were coming in from all directions so I had so much to write that I saw myself producing over 4 articles a day. I have barely written anything in the second half of May and this is my first writing for June. I'm just happy to have made such a powerful and large base in just my first month here that I'm just slowly building upon that success now. There's no need to kill myself writing because the ideas aren't as vast and coming at me all the time now. Now as I sit around if an idea comes up I'll write something about it.

My initial prediction I've made in my first assumptions article on how I'd do is starting to shape up and show some things to me. The earnings are slowly growing so I predict that I'll be able to reach my earnings goal for 1 year, but the article writing is likely going to fall short. I initially wanted to have over 300 articles by the end of the year but being that I have 137 articles aside from this one I'll likely miss that. The beauty of writing here though is that there is no pressure to perform and meet deadlines like a normal writing job. I'm thankful to just be in a position to write when I have inspiration and not have to constantly churn out new content because my job depends on it. Writing for Infobarrel is proving to be a great venture and a wonderful place to share the knowledge I have with others and see some earnings for that knowledge I place forth on the internet.

The summer is here and something I've read on the Infobarrel forums and other sites like the Warrior Forum is that summertime can see decreases in earnings because most people are outside and doing things. This is certainly true with myself because I'm rarely finding myself sitting around on the computer surfing the internet and writing a lot of articles. Instead I'm hiking and partaking in a ton of outdoor events. It obvious why this trend would set in during the warm summer months, and I can only be hopeful that as it gets closer to the colder winter months the money will flow in faster. Since May is the beginning of the summer and it's beautiful out I find it encouraging that I've managed to make almost triple the money I made last month in my article earnings. I can only keep my head up that all the initial effort I put in and the effort I continue to pour into this site and Bubblews proves to pay off into a nice little gift at the end of each month.

Just to make a note here, I never intended for my writings here at Infobarrel to replace my income and instead I chose to write here just to make something extra on the side that would be fun money. I think it puts things into perspective that if it's just fun money then I don't have to make a job out of it but instead just have fun with it. Isn't that why we do anything after all? We should always be having fun with what we do even at our real jobs

June 2013

I'm hoping to hit that $2x.xx mark for infobarrel this month, and I'd love to be able to get at least another two $25 cashouts at Bubblews this month. With enough perseverance I believe I can hit those goals. I'm very busy out here in the mountains now so I don't know what to expect, but if an idea comes I just punch it into my smartphone and then translate that into an article when I get home. Here's to our continued success at Infobarrel!