When it comes to the around the world costume ideas, there are literally tons that you can execute. Dressing up internationally is one of the most popular things to do on Halloween, so there are literally hundreds of international costumes to choose from. The only stipulation is that not all of the international Halloween costumes are ideal.

The best Halloween costumes are recognizable and memorable. The vast majority of around the world Halloween costumes are so specific that not many people know about them. That means that you will walk into a Halloween party being dressed up as an international Chinese dancer, and no one will know what you are trying to be.

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There are, however, a few international Halloween costumes that are easily recognizable, and will attract a lot of attention. I will be going through those specific ones in this article!

Wear A Flag Shirt And Hat Of Your Favourite Country

I know that this do-it-yourself Halloween costume seems overly simple; however, the fact of the matter is that overly simply can be god sometimes. This International cosLadies Vietnam Flag Shirt-Red With Yellow StarCredit: Amazon.comtume is straight to the point, and will allow people to know what you are dressing up as immediately upon seeing you.

There are two options. You can dress up in clothes that depict the flag of your favourite country, or simply wear clothes that have the flag printed on them. You will make an enormous impact on everyone around you, regardless of which one it is that you choose.

For instance, imagine that I wanted to dress up in clothes that depict an Italian flag for an around the world Halloween party. I could wear a pair of red pants, a white shirt, and a green hat. People would automatically know that I am dressing up as the Italian flag since the colors of the flag are red, white, and green!

Amazon has a ton of flag shirts being sold for up to 60% off of their original prices. Check them out now!

Dress Up In A Spanish Signorita Costume

Spanish signoritas are very recognizable, and therefore, are some of the best aroFemale Spanish Dancer Costume-Black With Red And YellowCredit: Amazon.comund the world costume ideas that you can execute during your next Halloween party! With that being said, you can choose to either buy the signorita Halloween costume or make it yourself. Regardless of the option that you choose, you should be sure that you incorporate the following things:

-A dress that explodes with material towards the bottom. Most signorita dresses are black and red, so try to incorporate those colours into yours.

-A pair of high heels that make noise as you walk. Signoritas were often caught dancing, so heels that make noise are nearly a must.

-Your hair tied in an updo with a red hair tie.

Overall, a Spanish signorita costume is the perfect international get up to wear on Halloween. People will know what you are dressing up as!

Make A Do-It-Yourself Eskimo Costume

Many people stray away from the idea of creating their own homemade Eskimo costume because they think that it is hard to do, and don’t want to wear heavy clothes during October. TO be honest with you, I can’t help you with the second part....wearing Eskimo-like clothes on Halloween is completely up to your discrWomen`s Brown Eskimo Costume With GlovesCredit: Amazon.cometion. However, I can help you with creating a DIY Eskimo costume.

Eskimos form the perfect international costumes because they look so exotic. People literally never see Eskimos in places that celebrate Halloween, so dressing up as one is sure to attract a lot of attention.

In order to make you own, you must:

-Put on a pair of boots; the warmer that the boots are, the better that they will look. Eskimos live in extremely cold places, so wearing warm boots will portray the Halloween costume even better!

-Wear a pair of mittens. The color and style is completely up to you; however, the best Eskimo costume ideas are executed with a vibrant pair of gloves!

-Put on a jacket with a fur hood. The bigger that the jacket is, the better that your Eskimo costume will look.

A Rasta Wig Is One Of The Best Around The World Costume Ideas

To be honest, a Rastafarian wig is one of the best costume accessories that you can have lying around the house. The simple reason for this is that it is the easiest costume idea to execute. Simply throw on your rasta wig with a pair of baggy pants, and you wilRasta Hat With Hanging DreadlocksCredit: Amazon.coml be in an awesome International Halloween costume!

With that being said, I would highly recommend buying a rasta wig to keep lying around the house. They only cost about $15 on Amazon and will save your butt if you are looking for some last minute costume ideas!

At the end of the day, there are many around the world costume ideas that you can use for Halloween; however, I would highly recommend the 4 that are listed throughout this article for a wide variety of reasons!