There are plenty of people out there who could use a high quality outdoor storage solution to tidy up their home. Whether you have a bunch of yard tools lying around or an excessive amount of boxes filling up your garage, a storage shed can free up much needed space. Most people don't need those gigantic storage sheds that take up half the yard, but need more than a wimpy garden shed. One shed that gives a good balance of size and storage space is the Arrow SY65 storage shed. This all-steel shed offers 140 cubic feet of storage space, enough for a couple ride on lawnmowers, a ton of tools, or your favorite box collection.

The Arrow SY65 shed is 6 feet on one side and 5 feet on another, Arrow SY65the perfect size for most backyards. On the front are two hinged steel doors that open wide to allow full access to the interior. You may think that a steel sheds are a little excessive for your needs and difficult to assemble, but there is no better way to protect your stored goods than in a rigid, weatherproof shed like this one. Assembly is quite easy and can be completes in one to three hours. The quick assembly time is made possible by the Rigid Lock Joint technology which allows the panels to lock into place. The locked panels exhibit a pleasant look after completion and connect smoothly.

A proper foundation is needed for the shed to sit on, which is why Arrow makes a handy foundation kit just for this shed. You can also make your own foundation out of concrete or wood beams. The swing-out doors have a padlock hatch to securely seal up your shed. To top it off, Arrow offers an amazing 12 year limited warranty on this storage shed.