Top 5 Art And Craft Ideas For Kids

Art and crafts allow your kids the chance to express themselves and let their imagination run riot. Art and crafts allow your kids’ creative juices to flow and they can do what they want, when they want and how they want.

When your kids are bored of outdoor games and activities and want to spend some time in the house art and crafts are an excellent alternative to the computer, the television and the games console. Arts and crafts are also excellent rainy day activities for kids that will help allevaite boredom. There are many different types of arts and crafts for kids, but which ones are the best? There are many different arts and craft ideas for kids and my favourites listed below are the ones I choose over and above all others.

1) Art and craft ideas for kids – Paper mache models

Paper mache is a substance that is used to make a variety of different things, such as models, movie/theatre props and models. Paper mache is easy to make and very cheap, which makes it a great craft for kids of all ages.

In order to make paper mache you are going to need newspaper and a paper mache paste to bind it altogether. Paper mache paste can be made using water and flour mixed together to make a thick cream or PVA glue mixed with water. In my experience the paper mache paste made from water and PVA glue has always held better than paper mache paste made from water and flour.

When making paper mach models you need to make a frame. The frame can be made from any household materials you can find, although chicken wire, balloons, card and crumpled pieces of paper seem to be the most popular. Once the frame is made it is covered in strips of newspaper which is the covered in paper mache paste to stick it together. Paper mace models need to be built up a layer at a time and you should let the previous layer thoroughly dry before adding the next layer. Once the paper mache model is complete it is time to decorate it, colour it in, paint it and make it look the way you want it to.

2) Art and crafts ideas for kids – Jewellery making

There is something satisfying about making something from scratch and then actually using it and jewellery is no different. There are many different types of jewellery your kids can make at home, including bracelets, anklets and necklaces.

The easiest way to start making jewellery at home is to buy one of the jewellery making starter kits, which are readily available and inexpensive. These kits provide some basic materials and a guide/instruction manual detailing how to go about making the different pieces of jewellery.

The most common type of jewellery making kits include bead bracelets, bead anklets and bead necklaces, however there are other types of jewellery making kits that demonstrate how to make brooches, string/wool friendship bracelets and woven wristbands amongst many other things.

Jewellery making kits aren’t just suitable for girls as the woven wristbands are an accessory worn by many men.

3) Art and crafts ideas for kids – Origami

Origami is derived from the Japanese words “ori” meaning to fold and “gami” meaning paper. Origami is the art of paper folding that originated in Japan back in the 17th century. Paper can be folded to make many different types of things, such as birds, beetles, stars and flowers amongst many other things. There are plenty of origami books published, all of which have step by step guides (including pictures and diagrams) on how to make certain things. In order to save money I would suggest joining your local library and renting different origami books as this will save buying them.

Some origami products are exceptionally easy to make and are suitable for kids of all ages, and some origami products are very difficult to make and will need time and practice to achieve. The beauty of origami is that it is suitable for kids of all ages and abilities.

Traditional origami paper is patterned, colourful and can be quite expensive however any type of paper can be used in origami so you don’t have to spend money on proper origami paper to start with. In order to keep costs down it is worth practicing origami skills on cheap white paper and once the product has been mastered making a version out of proper origami paper.

4) Art and crafts ideas for kids – Cross stitch

Cross stitch is a specific type of sewing stitch which, as its name suggests is in the shape of an ‘X’ and put on a piece of fabric to make a picture. The materials required for cross stitch includes needles, thread and aida cloth, which is the woven fabric used as the background for the picture.

The easiest way to produce a cross stitch picture is to buy a cross stitch starter kit, which includes everything you will need to make a specific design. The kit will include the relevant needles, the relevant coloured threads, the aida cloth and step by step instructions, along with diagrams, on what to do. Cross stitch kits are available for people considered to be a beginner, an intermediate or advanced at cross stitch, therefore there is something that all kids will be able to do.

The prices of cross stitch can vary significantly, depending on the size and the complexity of the picture, although there is a kit to suit all budgets.

5) Art and crafts ideas for kids – drawing and painting

Drawing, sketching and painting are classic art and crafts that are ideal for kids of all ages. Drawing, sketching and painting allows your kids’ creative juices to really flow and since there are no limitations your kids’ imagination can run riot. There are drawing, sketching and painting opportunities all over the place so inspiration should not be a problem.

Drawing and sketching requires no more than a pencil, some paper and an eraser. You can buy different types of paper, different types of pencils, coloured pencils etc. but these are not needed to make a basic sketch. Drawing and sketching materials are readily available and cheap therefore they are great for people on a budget.

There are many different types of paints available, such as water colours, poster paint and oil paints. The most versatile paint in arts and crafts and one that will do almost everything you want it to are poster paints. Fortunately, poster paints are readily available and are also cheap. Water colours and oil paints are a bit more specialised and cost more than poster paints, but they are not expensive. As well as paints you are going to need some paint brushes, which again are quite cheap.