Art collecting is a hobby that is stimulating and rewarding.  In today’s market with the variety available, it can be done by anybody willing to put in a little time.  Think of the pride you can have if you put together an art collection.  When you show it off to others and say, “This is My Collection”, and know that no one else has put together an art collection quite like yours.

There are so many choices that you can pick what you like, and not worry about what someone else likes.  Some people will build an Asian art collection, while others would put together a folk art collection.  You can go for a theme, or just buy what you like.  Each person’s definition of art varies so much, that as long as you think it is attractive, that is the only thing that matters.  Just decide what you like, and what you are willing to spend, and go for it.

Prints or Originals

 In the art world, there are people that look down on others, depending on what each likes, and what they buy.  For instance, some people will never consider buying prints, and will only buy originals.  However, if you are just starting out, and are mainly doing this for the enjoyment, then buy whichever you are comfortable with, and what fits your budget.

 So, there is nothing wrong with buying prints.  These pieces still look superb as framed art on the wall, just at a lower price.  They won’t have the same texture at the originals, so if you get close there may be a little difference, but prints will still be a way for you to get some art that you like, without going broke paying for it.

 A lot of art collectors will buy prints along with their original art, so that they can have a variety of pieces for the many artists they like.  Prints will look a lot better than most people think, and the average person will probably not even be able to see much difference.


Once you spot a piece you like, whether it is print or an original, you have the option to frame it yourself, or have it done for you.  You can find frames from cheap to expensive, from simple metal metals to elegant hand carved wooden frames.

Your piece can also be framed with a mat inside, but be aware that with some pieces of the art the use of a mat inside the frame can distract from the piece.  If you don’t know how to frame, or are unsure of how to do it, simply have your first few pieces done by a professional, paying close attention to how they do it, and ask questions, if possible.  Then try to do a few on your own.  Remember, you can simply take a piece in if you are having trouble with it, or think it doesn’t look quite right.

Take your time in making the choices.  The color of the mat and the frame will have a big effect on how the piece looks when everything is completed.  Think of where you are going to be hanging the piece, also.  Is it going to be in your living room, bedroom, or in your office at work?  The color scheme of the environment may play a part in whether you use a mat, and what color the mat might be.  

For a clean contemporary look, consider metal frames.  These are inexpensive, but still refined looking.  They will come in different colors, but black or bronze is usually a safe choice.

What ever your art tastes, and whatever your budget, you are sure to be able to find something that will fit.  Art in your house will give you the feeling of satisfaction, as you will know the work you put into picking it out.  It will also give you many topics of conversation when friends are over.  So get started on your African art collection, your canvas art collection, or just your “favorites” collection today.  Maybe you will also get a chance to buy a piece from the next Rembrandt or Picasso, and your descendants will thank you!!