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Are you planning to get engaged? You're probably looking around at various ring options and realizing how much is truly out there. Don't worry about your options too much, you'll find something! You might want to consider going the antique engagement ring route, and if you're doing that I highly recommend looking at art deco antique engagement rings. Art deco style is one of the coolest, most distinct styles out there, and it has a vintage appeal that most people really love. 

This article is all about art deco antique engagement rings, why you might be interested in tracking one down and buying it, and where you can go to find one. We'll talk about the various style cues of the art deco antique engagement ring, and the styles this look can work with. 

Let's get started and learn more about art deco antique engagement rings.

Art Deco Antique Engagement Rings:

Art Deco Styles and Signatures

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So before you get into buying an art deco antique engagment ring, you might want to know a bit more about the art deco movement and the style and aesthetic that goes along with it. The art deco style period originated in the 1920s in Paris, and flourished throughout the period of time directly preceding the Second World War. It's distinguished by striking contrasts of mathmatically derived shapes and patterns. Usually it looks quite symmetrical and full.

Art deco style is quite pleasing to the eye due to its symmetry, but it is also quite a 'chunky' style, meaning that it is rarely dainty, thin or ornate in the traditional sense. Square, triangle and circular shapes abound. You can have rounded corners, or the design can be quite streamlined, but it isn't ever ornate in the art nouveau fashion. 

A lot of art deco style can be derived from a mix of various cultural forms, being inspired by Indian and Aztec artwork, encorporating suns and solar flares. It was used in architecture, furniture design, and just about anything decorative. It is an extremely interesting medium for jewelry design, and you can find a lot of 1930s era rings and necklaces with distinctly art deco style. 

An art deco antique engagement ring therefore embodies all of these elements in different degrees. 

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Art Deco Antique Engagement Rings:

Styles and Looks

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With art deco antique engagement rings, you should be finding features that match up with the style talked about above. While you can find very delicate features on these pieces of jewelry, you're not looking at a dainty little thing with this style. An art deco antique engagement ring is a strong and bold design. You'll notice a lot of hard edges in the ring, especially around the stone. Don't be surprised to see symmetrical geometrical shapes surrounding it. 

They can be quite ornate in their own way, so you'll probably see a fair amount of scrollwork and intricate metalwork in the metal itself. This lends a very distinctly antique feel to it. Art deco engagement rings will definitely have a throwback feel to them, so they are probably best suited for someone who isn't afraid to embrace that style.

If your special someone likes to wear flapper style clothing, or is particularly fond of the fashions of Mad Men, you're likely going to have a real hit with an art deco antique engagement ring. If they are more inclined to modern fashion and jewelry, you might want to avoid this style. It is a bold look, almost a statement ring, so it has to be the right person wearing it.

Art Deco Antique Engagement Rings:

Where To Find

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So where does one find these art deco antique engagement rings? One of the best places to start your search is the nearest local jewelry store that does business in second hand rings. If they don't carry any stock in this style themselves, they'll almost certainly be able to point you in the right direction to someone who does. 

You can spend some time looking through various antique shops for a ring like this. Art deco antique engagement rings aren't easy to come by, and they'll probably have a suitably high price tag associated with them, but since they are a quite specific and bold style they may not sell very easily, so try your best to negotiate the price to something more suitable. 

There are a lot of dealers online who have a decent stock of art deco antique engagement rings in their inventory, so don't be afraid to do a little search engine legwork to find something suitable. It is a little bit riskier since you can't see the ring in person and hold it, but they will often have very generous return policies to reflect the risk involved for the buyer. 

You can occasionally find nice pieces of art deco engagement rings at antique estate sales, but you might get involved in a bidding war so be careful!

Good Luck!

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