Art deco sconces add a dash of classic Hollywood and The Roaring Twenties into any home decor. Using a mixture plastics, glass, and metals, these sconces make a statement with dazzling color schemes and a design nod to modern art. If you are looking for your lighting fixtures to turn heads in their own right, there are few better choices than art deco sconces.

Art Deco Style

There are few styles easier to spot than the art deco style. The style started in Paris after World War 1 and sprung from the modernism movement. It gave a glamorous look and feel art deco sconces_1to the new era that was beginning. The art deco style influenced many aspects of life and design. It is the inspiration behind many architectural feats like the Chrysler Building, the Empire State Building, and Rockefeller Center. It also impacted fashion, jewelry design, and of course interior design.

Geometric shapes, sharp edges, and a brazen mixture of materials and colors mark art deco decor. Home furnishings, including art deco wall sconces, are made from a wide variety of materials mixed together in very creative ways. You can find decor made with mixtures of stainless steel, chrome, Bakelite, inlaid woods, lacquer, and even exotic materials like zebra skin and sharkskin. The looks created with the style are eclectic, but they are never boring.

Where To Use Art Deco Sconces

Art deco sconces are normally electric, so you need to be aware of the styles of each sconce and how you can provide current. Some of the materials used in this sconce style are also very delicate. Because of this, art deco sconces are typically much better choices for indoor usage.

Art deco style is a popular choice for room theming, especially for bedrooms and bathrooms. Here art deco sconces makes perfect sense and flow naturally in the decor. They can add art deco sconces_2a punch of color, light, and style to any wall of your themed room.

Because of their eclectic sensibility, these sconces also transition well into many classic and modern styles. Don't be afraid to use a pair of art deco sconces out of context with the rest of your room. You'll be surprised at how often that contrasting style works.

Art deco sconces also work very well for setting a stylish and fun tone at special events. The style, in fact, is a popular one for weddings around the world.

Where To Buy Art Deco Sconces

The popularity of these sconces has made them very easy to find. Nearly every lighting supply store and home improvement store will have a selection of art deco inspired sconces. You can also order them from the comfort of your home through popular e-commerce websites like and eBay.