Art and Copy starts out explaining what it is to be a creative person. What drives a creative person? One of the scariest thing about being a creative person is that you have no idea where your ideas come from, and you can't force them to appear. Creative people love to produce things and see how they affect people. They seek recognition for their work, and demand to be noticed in a world of obscurity. It also dives into the world that surrounds art. Some people explored are those that distribute the marketing art of bill boards.  What is advertising?  One notion is that advertising is poison gas. Advertising is poison gas because it seeps into you and causes you to react either in a positive way or a negative way. It makes you happy and you want to buy something, or it can be advertising a cause it will get you angry and you'll take action.

The film also explores the origins where advertising was such a boys club (1950's)where you had to know somebody to get into it.  It explores the life of one man Bill Burnback he was initially dismissed as a flash in the pan, and later revered as a visionary. His single biggest contribution in the field was putting the art director in the same room as the copywriter. Up until Burnback deciding to do this the copywriter and the art director never worked hand in hand.  This allowed the art director to have to much more influence.  One such campaign discussed is that of the VW campaign. This small ugly german car came along too close to the war. So what did they do to sell this car? They made it the underdog and made fun of itself. This movie really makes you think about how advertising affects the way you think about what you buy.  It even showed of some of the political advertising of president Johnson. The ad for Johnson showed a little girl counting down, and then a nuclear bomb exploding.  This movie is part documentary, and part commentary on the world in general. It makes for a great watch.