Ground Intellect Arts

Last spring(2009), I participated in an Art showcase event in a college Univesity in New Jersey(NJCU). One of my crew member has a great idea of putting an art showcase display that I haven't really seen anywehere or have thought of. Well maybe I did, it probably just pass through my head. I had the clip last year as well from a friend of mine. I search on the internet for any art related concept, but I haven't found anything similar. I guess its the feeling of capturing the moment when dancing is like painting on the floor. I think Breakdancing is one of the best way to approach this type of art or a contemporary dance might also be a good example for demonstration.

Art is something we can say "limitless" or no boundaries since it comes it just about any form. On this particular subject piece of art, I highly believe that the Artist is trying to capture the movements from our shoeprints. Ever heard of the saying;"The floor is my canvas, and my body is the paint". I am not certain that those are the exact words, but I think the words are very close to that and the idea is there.

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