If you are looking for a fun way to keep your toddler entertained consider starting an art project. Once kids reach a few years of age they are ready to begin experimenting with fun things including coloring, painting, and sculpting. Not all art supplies are created the same and some are much better suited for your toddler than others!


Crayons are one of the first art supplies that toddlers are often exposed to. They are readily available and reasonably priced. Keep in mind that there are several different sizes of crayons, and even a variety of different shapes that they are available in. Bigger crayons are best suited for younger children. They are easier to hold and not as easy to break.

Crayola actually has three sizes of crayons: regular, large, and jumbo. The jumbo crayons are a few millimeters thicker than the large crayons. They also have two wrappers which makes them harder to break compared to the others. Several brands offer crayons that are triangular instead of round. This shape makes it easier for toddlers to grip them!

Tip: Watch your toddler with the crayons when they first begin to use them. It is not uncommon for kids to bite off the tips of crayons which can be dangerous. Many crayons will specifically state right on the box that they are intended for children aged three years and older.


Finger paints are always a hit with toddlers. They come in bright colors and they are very easy for kids to use. To make your life easier pick a set of washable finger paints. You may also want to invest in craft paper that is sold on rolls. This will provide your toddler with a large area to work with and reduce the risk of paint ending up where you don't want it.

If finger paints are too messy for you consider water colors instead. Look for a set that has a large pot for each color. This will make it easier for your toddler to get the right color without mixing every color together. It is also advisable to pick a paintbrush that has a thicker handle for your toddler to grip!


Sculpting is a great way for toddlers to be expressive. One of the easiest ways to provide your toddler with a sculpting experience is to invest in a few jars of play-doh. There are actually a lot of educational accessories that can be used with play-doh. Teach your toddler about shapes and counting while simultaneously having fun!