The arthritis glove is another brilliant invention by the medical industry to make the lives of people who suffer from arthritis more comfortable by finding new ways of removing pain caused by chronic illnesses. It also promises to make your hands work again and relieve most of the pain by wearing a glove that is stylish enough to wear all day and has a 3/4 finger design to allow for free movement of the finger tips. Yes you heard right, these gloves are specifically designed for people who suffer from either osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis. They can also be used by people who suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive movement disorders that may cause pain or discomfort to the hands.

The arthritis glove can be used to keep your hands warm throughout the day in the winter by using far infrared technology, much like the energy used in far infrared sauna's, to sustain the body's natural heat while allowing the hand and fingers to move freely so that you can get back to doing what it is you were doing on a daily basis. These gloves also provide the same therapeutic treatment as a far infrared sauna only in such a way that you can get the therapy through your hands, thereby increasing blood flow and blood vessels are refreshed and revived. This can eventually lead to the healing of the arthritis in your hands to a great extent. These gloves will also continuously detoxify you through the vessels moving through your hand in the bloodstream. Thereby decreasing the toxins in the hand first that relaxes the joints as a result and can also support the healing process to a great extent

Another great feature of the arthritis gloves is that because it improves blood flow to the hands, it also leads to a cleaner system and unclogs veins by detoxification. This in turn will lead to a resolve for your blood pressure problems too as it will become easier for the blood to circulate through the body. These gloves are also beneficial to the skin on the hands as it deep cleanses and exfoliates the skin which keeps it looking younger for a lot longer and the hand does not become discolored due to the lack of blood flow through the hands. The effects of the far infrared arthritis glove could reach even further as it also stimulates the deep muscle tissue which leads to your hands becoming flexible and stronger. Because this degenerative disease tends to break down ones self esteem by making simple daily tasks that you could normally easily perform, become uncomfortable, painful and strenuous to the point where you can no longer use your hands at all. There was in fact a need to be able to adapt to the disease if not cure it

Arthritis gloves are useful for both types of arthritis, these include, osteoarthritis which is the slow brewing type, more common of the two and is also more often found amongst women. It is called slow brewing as there aren't any real symptoms until you reach the age of between 40 and 60 when it starts to become problematic this type of arthritis is mostly found amongst old athletes, people who suffer or used to suffer fro obesity and people who have made a career of physical hard work. What happens is that the protective layering around the joints deteriorates up to the point where it's no longer serving its purpose. This cause's enormous discomfort to all sufferers as the bone now shaves against each other and friction causes pain.

Another use for arthritis gloves include treatment for rheumatoid arthritis which is only found amongst 1% of all Americans and 3% of all people around the world and unfortunately, once again is more commonly made up of women. This type of arthritis is unpredictable and inflammatory. It can sometimes be triggered by some sort of severe impact or by eating something that acidifies the blood more than normal, such as excessive spices and artificially prepared foods. It causes your joints to become inflamed due to your body's personal efforts to defend itself against pain. It is also not uncommonly found amongst younger people and can be excruciatingly painful for the entire inflammatory period. The main reason why this type of arthritis is so dangerous is because your natural antibodies actually start attacking healthy living tissue in order to combat an unknown source of pain. As a result it leads to deterioration of the bone as well as the soft tissue that is meant to protect the bones from grinding against each other. Most doctors find it difficult to track this kind of arthritis as it's not as constant as osteoarthritis and does not stay degenerative for long periods at a time. The gloves have been rumored to have reduced the pain immensely for some patients and in some cases were said to have cured the patient's arthritis completely after several weeks of continuously wearing these gloves.

Having a pair of arthritis gloves in the winter will be ideal as the cold causes the inflammation to increase. Which leads to the joints being less responsive and soar as a result of trying to be productive with a degenerative disease such as arthritis? The result of neglecting your soar and inflamed hands might not be quite as light as you'd thought it would and you could be left without the use of an entire limb for as long a period as it's inflamed. The glove will keep your hand warm throughout the day and as a result of increased blood flow which is caused by the far infrared technology in the arthritis glove you could have your hands working and good to go. Or you can keep them on through the night and have full use of your hands in the morning, without any discomfort as these arthritis gloves are made to make you more comfortable relax your nerves of any pain.