Flowers, petals, leaves and several other natural resources have always attracted artists and they have in turn shown the appreciation by including them in their paintings, sculptures or architecture. While we are not going to discuss about any historical art here it is noteworthy that the popular artichoke lamp that has become favorite among interior designers and home owners has its origin from the similar resource.

Artichoke flower has been one of the unique species of the sunflower and has its origin in United States and few other parts of the world. Nature has crafted this beautiful flower and is surrounded by series of leaves that seems to be protecting it from the environment.

In the year 1958 Poul Hennigsen, a architect, writer and critic from Denmark used his creativity in designing a lamp that became one of the pioneer tool in giving birth to many other several modifications and designs. Poul Hennigsen has given his contribution to artchiteture but is always known for his beautiful design of Artichoke lamp.

The original design of the artichoke lamp had a bulb surrounded by several leaves like structures to make it invisible from outside while the rays of light that comes from the inside has to be reflected through several leaves and chromic interior to produce a rare illumination. The exterior of the artichoke can be made from copper or other suitable material and its flexibility of being a part of wall mounted lamp or ceiling mounted has made it the obvious choice for many home owners. The original design had 72 leaves and even though it is more than 50 years after its release it is still popular. The steel arches and copper leaves of the original design are considered as one of the great masterpiece gifted to the world by Poul Hennigsen.

While during the early years of the release, this design of lamps were considered luxurious and were extremely expensive but as the time rolled by, several manufacturers tried to come up with different versions and modifications from the original design using cheap materials to make it available for the common users.

History is evidence of traditions and cultures that gives great importance to light as being the protector, nurture and inspirational. Several festivals around the world are celebrated by glowing candles or arranging a camp fire. The modernization has just played a role here by replacing these legacy sources of light with lamps. Artichoke lamp has its own unique design to fascinate anyone who loves art and is an appreciator of classical evidence.

Few evidences also show some extremely expensive artichoke lamps made from gold and silver. The current brands and manufacturers have made it very affordable for common people to purchase these beautiful designs by using plaster, mold, bamboo and other materials for its production.

After the invention of electricity, light has played an important role in helping us through our night time. Basic and standard lamps used earlier were meant to be a part of necessity but this has now taken a new role into the interior and decoration of home. You can use artichoke lamp for your decoration by wall mounting them, ceiling mounting with the help of cables or by using them as table lamps. The source of light used in this lamps have are also available in variety as they produce different intensity of light as well as different color. The different colors used for the ignition have added to the attraction of these lamps. The size of these lamps is also available in variety and one can also find a very small size that is integrated as a series for special occasions. You can use this product for special occasions or for a permanent action in your house. Many restaurants and clubs around the world have been using this design to due its impressive results.

Due to Internet shopping it has now become possible for millions of users to view and decide upon the products they need to purchase. If you are not aware about artichoke lamp then this is your chance to go through some beautiful designs and bring them home to add a royal and artistic look to your house.