I've always been a fan of internet marketing software. However, I've always been a skeptic too. There are only a few programs that I regularly use for Internet Marketing, those being Bookmarking Demon, Micro Niche Finder, and The Best Spinner. So you can imagine my delight when I heard that Edwinsoft (maker of Bookmarking Demon) was releasing a new program called Article Demon.

Naturally, me being the sucker I am, I immediately bought the program the day it came out. It's been a few days since I've been using it and I thought I'd add my own little review to the growing pile of reviews this program has been getting in the past two days.

Here's a list of what the program can do

  • Automatically create and verify accounts at hundreds of built in article directories.
  • Add in additional supported article directories to the software that use popular article directories scripts like ArticleFriendly, ArticleDashboard and more.
  • Automatic scheduling of article submissions and project management to keep your submissions organized.
  • Built in article spinner to help you spin your articles so you can build hundreds of backlinks with a single article.
  • Visual Aid, multi threading, and proxy support for true hands free article submissions.

Now the question is: is Article Demon any good? Well I think I'm in a good position to answer that, having used the program for a couple days.

Big warning: There are quite a few fake Article Demon review posts that I've found floating around on the web, so be warned.

Now let's get this straight! I really LOVE this program. I think it's a fantastic program that shows a lot of promise now with a huge amount of potential to come in the future.

Probably my favorite aspect of this program is how easy it makes getting Article Submissions. For one, the program provides a brainless way of getting Article Directory links. I don't know about you, but I've spent a couple days straight before just creating new article directory accounts and submitting articles. It's boring and tedious work. Not something ANYONE should do.

However, I've been able to use Article Demon to completely avoid doing this. You simply create your accounts, spin and article, submit that article to all the directories using the created account, and your done. It only takes a few minutes to set up a submission. Most of the time, I found, was actually spent spinning and typing in captachas. But as far as the submission process goes, Article Demon does fantastically well.

So as far as getting this program goes, I HIGHLY recommend anyone who wants to save time submitting to directories to pick this program up. It won't do everything for you, but it will save you time. And please, when you are surfing the web, don't take every Article Demon review you read as "real!" Most of them seem to be fake!