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Article Marketing tools, software, and programs

A type of online advertising in which businesses write short articles related to their respective industry is called article marketing. The articles are made ready for publication and distribution in the web marketplace. Each article has a byline or resource box that includes contact information and references linking back to the web site for promotion.

Article marketing strategies have long been used by many professionals since mass print has been in use. In paper-print form, article marketing is commonly utilized by business owners as a means of obtaining free press coverage. Business credibility is somehow improved with a well-written content article that may have the potential to increase the market when released for free distribution. It also helps in enticing first time visitors. These articles are often published on multiple websites and syndicated by associated networks.

Online article publishing is an approach to promote services and products through article directories. Top page rank article directories receive millions of site visitors and can be thought of as authority sites by search engines. Internet marketers maximize the results by submitting written articles to a lot of article directories.

Duplicate content may be filtered for most of the major search engines from appearing multiple times in searches. Most marketers attempt to go around this filter by creating variations of an article, known as article spinning. By doing this, one article can generate thousands of site visitors from article directories. The site in turn receives traffic by way of organic searches. This can help new internet entrepreneurs running their businesses on a low budget.

A popular form of article marketing is having your content featured on focused content sites and niche blogs by becoming a guest blogger. It is a great way to promote a website blog, and just about anything a writer desires to impart to a target market. If you opt to take this route, there are tips on article marketing which may be helpful for you to follow.  There are no fool proof article marketing tips on how to create a good piece but a set of standard structural formatting is usually followed by most article writers.

Article Marketing Step by Step

Materials are used on blogs and websites and should first conform to rules for writing web articles. When publishing articles on the Internet; the title of your article must be very interesting to catch the attentioImage: graur razvan ionut / FreeDigitalPhotos.netCredit: of your readers. It is the most important part your article. If possible, tell readers quickly what the article is all about within the first four words.  Next, use the body of your article with a rough outline of your main points and then expand those points into a paragraph.

The most important information should be at the top. Keeping sentences and paragraphs concise and making use of appropriate subheadings would make your article easy to read. Use relevant keywords and have at least 400 to 500 words in body context. Since article marketing mainly aims to acquire traffic through search engines, pertinent key phrases or keywords are always incorporated in articles. The keyword density accepted by most article directories is about two to three percent and anything above is considered as keyword stuffing.

Create a resource box where you could promote your product or service. Put your name, the address of your website, a couple of sentences describing what you offer and a call to action inviting readers to your site so they can buy, join, signup or whatever you want them to do.  Write a summary of at least three sentences that points out what the article has to offer and finish off with an author bio that shows your expertise.

Article submission 

When all is done, you are now ready to submit your article to article directories like EzineArticles, GoArticles, IdeaMarketers, and so on. Online Article Marketing is an effective and free way to promote your site, get traffic, raise link popularity and drive up your rankings on search engines. With this, you can establish a writing portfolio and gain enough practice.  Another great money making opportunity is being an article marketing affiliate. In affiliate marketing, a business rewards affiliates for each visitor brought about by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. Affiliate marketing often uses regular advertising methods including organic search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, paid search engine marketing, and display advertising and sometimes publishing reviews of services or products.

Article Marketing tools, software, and programs 

Check out services, tools, software, and programs offered to make article marketing and submission easier. Any of these are effective for large article submissions to many sites. You can save time to write, spin and submit articles to hundreds of directories without being penalized by search engines.

Article Marketing - hire writers 

Another way to get your article submissions done is to hire article writers. Visit online market places where you can quickly hire contractors to do the work for you. Article marketing and SEO or search engine optimization is both designed to get your web site to a higher position in the search engines. Thousands of clicks may be generated with just one short SEO article. Traffic and sales conversion may not happen overnight, but if you work real hard on marketing and creating back links consistently, you will eventually be rewarded with tremendous amount of free traffic. Articles are an essential element of successful web marketing. If you get really good at it, a full time career out of it can be yours with tons of article marketing jobs available.

Article Marketing - Google updates 

Some Internet marketers talk about article marketing being gone for good. They believe that Google’s constant update changes all the parameters and that the concept of article marketing will never resurface. Some article marketing advocates say that there is an easy method to get over the controversy. Just make sure that everything you write is of high quality and you follow the rules. Longer articles get better credits. Also, make sure to write interesting articles that are uniquely attractive to your target readership. If you do this, no matter where you place your articles, you are sure to get excellent traffic to your website.