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Article Marketing 101

One of the biggest secrets that marketers don't talk a lot about is the fact that they ALL have built their proven lists and traffic by writing articles. Article marketing is crucial for advertising by way of backlinks and exposure. As with any marketing method, there is the obvious dark side to article marketing. Most affiliate marketers try to save time by taking PLR articles and attempt to rewrite them to make them unique. There are hundreds of article writers doing this on a daily basis but the problem is when they choose the wrong program or some subpar spinner.

 The best method to creating unique content is to write your articles manually. If you must use a PLR eBook as a staple for creating your article, you should focus on changing each sentence into your own words. As long as your article is unique and informative, you will bring value to your readers. There is a myth that the more words you have in your article, the better. That can be farther from the truth, a 500 word article is more likely to rank in search engines than a 1,000 word article. There are basic steps to follow when writing an effective article. The steps are as follows:

1. Write popular content:

The most effective articles are the ones that talk about something that people are interested in.When you have chosen a subject to write about, you have to do the necessary research to find out what it is in that niche that people are most interested in. This can be done by using keyword tools to find out what users are searching for. Use these keywords as your basic topics.

2. Use excellent grammar and spelling

Your articles must be well written with perfect grammar and no spelling mistakes. A well written article with good English, very minimal grammar, and spelling mistakes, will show your readers that you are a serious author. They will trust you right away and be more willing to follow the links to your website, blogs, or product offers.

3. Keyword Optimization

Optimizing the content for keywords means you should include the keyword you are writing about once in the title and at least twice in the article body. The search engines will be more likely to find your article when someone types in that keyword. Try not to repeat the keywords numerous times because that will trigger a flag in the search engines and Let the keywords you choose flow into the article in a natural way, this means choose keyword placement that fits into the sentence. This is an issue that a lot of people have with article spinners, most of the time those spinners will produce junk that is difficult to read.


4. Submit original content on a daily basis

Try as hard as possible to submit more than one article every day to the major article directories. This is not easy for most people who either do article marketing on a part time basis or just do not have the time to write every single day. In that case, it will certainly pay off in the long run if you find a reliable service that can supply you with high quality, original writings such as Odesk, TextBrokers, etc. The more you submit, the more views you will get. The more visitors you get, the greater the chances of click-throughs to your website, meaning a vast increase in free and relevant traffic.

By applying the above four steps into your daily content writing, you will have no problems with producing awesome articles that will be effective and profitable in your article marketing efforts.  If you do choose to use a spinner, you should do your research on spinners that have good reviews, and keep a list of article submission site that can detect spun articles such as Squidoo and Hub Pages.  It is also suggested to invest in the premium services of Copyscape. You can use this tool to evaluate your article before submitting it online. Copyscape can detect plagiarism down to each sentence. If there is duplicates detected, Copyscape highlights the sentences or words so that you can go back and rewrite it. There are awesome spinner programs out there; you just have to choose wisely. Whatever the case, you will get ahead quicker if you are not blacklisted as a spammer.  Good Luck!