When it comes to backlinks most people are too worried about quantity rather than quality and because of this they end up hurting their link building methods. The first thing that you need to understand when building links is that article marketing is still a key contributor and must be done right.

Everybody knows that if you want to get traffic to your website then you need backlinks, but what is the best way to get backlinks? There are many great ways to get backlinks and they all start with you, you can do blog comments, buy advertising space, forum signatures, and even article marketing. The most time efficient thing to do is article marketing and the reason is simple, you can write lots of articles and place them on high ranking directories that way you can get fast backlinks and lots of traffic.
What most people don't know about article marketing is that it is simpler than they think. Almost every internet marketer out there thinks that if they write 1 article they can only submit it to 1 article directory, this is wrong. You can submit your article to many directories and the myth about duplicate content is just that, a myth. The reason duplicate content is a myth is simply because it doesn't hurt your site, all it does is takes a little away from each link.
Tips to do article marketing right
Write daily – The first thing you need to know about article marketing is that you must write daily. My recommendation is to write at least 2 articles each day and submit them to many different directories. This works best, but the more you can write the better.
Give relevant links – Another thing you should understand about article marketing is that placing links that don't fit with the article is just a waste. The reason you want to place relevant links is because using links that don't fit with the article will take away from what you have wrote and many people won't place articles like that on their sites. Just think about what you would do and then change roles, you will see exactly what I mean. Also it is a waste of your time to write articles that won't be picked up by other website owners.
Don't promote in an article – The last thing you need to know is that you should never promote a product or service in an article. The reason you never want to promote anything is because you don't want people to think they are being sold and never click through the link or even place the article on their site. Do yourself a favor and save the sales talk for your own site, just get the articles on other sites and the rest will come.