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Article Marketing Made Easy: Outsourcing


Article marketing the easy way involves a small bit of investment in most cases, but if you're careful, you can get a lot of work done for an extremely reasonable price. Outsourcing options abound in the digiverse. The key to finding successful content lies in assigning work to able parties and ensuring you're giving them clear instructions. A fantastic writer with affordable rates can work wonders with specific keywords and formatting guidelines. If you're intent on cashing in on article marketing made easy, take some time to set firm guidelines:


  • Do keyword research with the Google adwords tool, and select the keyword with the least amount of competition in your field.
  • When you've found a potential writer to outsource your work to, be fair with rates. You can find some really good authors who will write for a penny a word - the lowest acceptable standard in today's economy - but you may have to do a bit of searching first. You're better off paying two cents per word at the least. Anything lower than the lowest acceptable standard is insulting to serious writers. You'll be unlikely to find a good author if you're not willing to make writing for you worth their time investment.
  • Be specific. When you know which keywords you want to go with, let writers know where you want them used. Post-panda (the recent Google algorithm update), you want a lower keyword density. Using the keyword every 100 words is acceptable, but slightly less than that is better. Some marketers swear by having the keyword appear in the title, first sentence of the first paragraph, a few times in the middle paragraphs, and in the last sentence of the concluding paragraph. Decide what works best for you, and include it with your request.


Finding Writers

Finding writers is probably bemoaned by publishers as much as finding trustworthy publishers is for able wordsmiths. When you find a good one that you're compatible with, you've struck gold. Treat them well, and set guidelines that ensure you're also treated properly (until trust is established, suggest a compensation model of half-pay upfront with the rest on timely delivery – deduct a percentage from the final pay-out for late delivery).

There are plenty of able writers that will jump to work with you on your project if you pay them according to medium-to-high standard. Find the ones that have a good handle on your niche or are so adept with swift and accurate research that they can provide you stellar content by studying your field on the go. Try a few services and see which ones you prefer. Don't get discouraged if you run into a bad egg here and there. If you safeguard yourself, you can avoid getting burned while finding the right pen(s) for your projects.

Quite a few destinations in the digiverse offer ideal services for article marketing made easy:


  • Article rewriting services can be helpful if you find the right one. Pay special attention to feedback and samples that display the quality of work you'll receive. Be sure the articles you purchase are hand-spun and not software-generated.
  • My GuestBlog provides a service that connects you with guest posters who are interested in trading writing for backlinks on your digital property.
  • Medium-cost writing brands on Articlesale, like Inkstar, offer pre-written and custom holistic articles, and general writing can be requested from top-tier authors at iwriter starting at a cent a word (be sure to select “top writers” in your request form to keep your project out of the general pool). Check up on authors before you outright hire them at iwriter (you can also try your luck, and submit your work to the general pool), however. “Article marketing made easy” isn't an effective strategy with cheap, hard to read content.