Most article writers, when first starting out, should spend a little time working out a decent article marketing strategy. What form that takes will largely depend on you, the writer, and what your goals are. You must know where you want to be in the future in order to best direct your work today. Makes sense right? After all – if you drive off in a car without knowing where exactly you want to go, you're unlikely to get there.

Article Marketing Strategy – Step 1: Develop some goals

When I say goals, I mean goals – get specific. If you want a yacht, what sort – how big, what colour, where are the berths, what patterns do the curtains have and what colour are the flares in your emergency kit? That's specific. Some sort of wishy washy 'I'd like to go to Australia on vacation' isn't going to get you there. Once again, get specific with where, what, who, when and then work on the how. Without a destination in mind you will get nowhere, and that is the sad fact.

Make your goals time specific too – short, medium and long term. That way you really structure your work towards what you want to achieve, and you develop a sense of urgency about your whole operation. You'll also work harder to achieve the goals you set for yourself by the goal time. So for example you might say you want to assemble an article marketing strategy which will allow you to quit job in 12 months time. That's your long term goal. A medium term goal may be to write 90 articles in the next month, and a short term goal may be to write 3 articles today to make that happen. Structure ensures a good stable result, no matter what the project.

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Article Marketing Strategy – Step 2: Work hard, be diligent and patient

The thing about article marketing is that it is no easy, quick process. OK well maybe it is a little easy the more you do it, but it's not quick. Years of work have gone into where I am today, and I've still got a way to go. At the end of the day article marketing is hard (but fun) work. You need to be diligent too, and that means sticking to your plan. It means writing those articles and submitting them even though you're not feeling real well and you'd much rather be curled up in front of that movie. Think of your long term goal (remember that specific one?) and how achieving your short term goal will help you get to the long term one. It's a process and will not happen overnight – I read about people who have less than 10 articles up and they wonder why it's taking so long. Really, if you get to 100 articles and you still wonder that, then maybe you might have a point and some adjustments might be in order, but not at 10 – patience is a virtue, you can't hurry these things!

Article Marketing Strategy – Step 3: Keep on doing it

That's all really – it's relatively simple. Have some goals, work hard, be patient, and don't give up. Simple stuff. Lots of people will say to you "If it's that easy, why doesn't everyone do it?" (at least that's what they say to me, and I wonder that too sometimes) and I don't really have the answers. All I can think is that they're not willing to work hard towards their goals, and that today's society gears us towards instant gratification, which this isn't designed for. It's designed for long term, continuous gratification – so ladies and gentlemen, start you engines – choose your goals and get to work! Enjoy!