A Article Marketing Strategy is needed if you want to earn money from your own websites. The amount of money that you can earn by adding articles and promoting affiliate products differ from person to person. It will depend highly on the amount of traffic and how popular your website is, how big your website is, how many sites that you have and what your niche is. So it is important to get ranked high in the search engines by applying search engine optimization techniques.

There are some affiliate marketers who claim that they earn over $100,000 a year through building niche blogs or websites, but most people will not have this kind of success, especially when they are starting out. You will need to gain a lot of skill and experience before you can earn this amount of money.

A more realistic amount that you can expect to earn from a niche blog that you have worked for at least 6 months can generate $500- $1000 per month. This of course is recurring income and you can expect to earn this on average every month.The more work you put into it the more affiliate sales you will earn from your articles. By developing a article marketing strategy for yourself you can expect to see good results soon.

After you have built your first site many people often build more, this can increase your monthly earnings. Many people tend to create sites that are smaller, but if you want to earn more money it would be a good idea to build larger sites as these are the ones that make the most money. By adding more than 50 articles on your sites and having an authority blog this will generate more traffic.

If you are new to affiliate marketing and building niche sites it can be very hard as there is a lot to learn and your first site creation will always be the hardest. Not everyone will succeed as it takes a lot of determination and patience. But if you are serious about making money from your own websites you can succeed but it will take a lot of work.

A great article marketing strategy is to make sure you write content for your websites daily. Anyone can earn money from writing their own articles, you can write them yourself or hire a writer to do this for you. Make sure you optimize your webpages for search engines, choose a catchy domain name and get reliable hosting.

When it comes to adding content on your blog or website it is best to have your own articles, meaning that you will need to write it yourself instead of going to article directories and using their free content. Adding these free articles from various directories will not earn you a high amount of revenue.Below is a list of reasons why this article marketing strategy will NOT work.

  • You will not get ranked well by the top search engines such as google because you have duplicated content. To get affiliate sales you will need a lot of visitors and most of them will be through the search engines.
  • If you add free content from article directories all of these have a paragraph at the bottom of the article and these usually contain links, there is a strong possibility that these links will be clicked first instead of your own links.
  • By adding duplicate content on your website this will cause many visitors to leave your site as they may have read all your content before.

An article marketing strategy that can increase backlinks is to submit more articles to article directories, this can also increase traffic to your websites.If you are serious about earning a full time income from niche websites I urge you to create unique content and write your own articles, of course if you have the money you can hire writers to do this for you. By creating websites the right way you are more likely to succeed.