Some webmasters use links where 2 webmasters link to each other. Some webmasters prefer to register a site in a link directory and then get links in exchange for giving other links, but the links exchanged are never done directly in an effort fool Google. There are also those who buy links. Since the Google Panda and Penguin updates many webmasters only want to get natural links. If you are insistent that you must continue building links then it looks like one of the best methods is to write original articles to and post them on websites such as InfoBarrel and quality blogs and forums.

These articles written for publication on various blogs and WebPages become more and more Popular and will give you traffic to your website. This is so that the articles you write can create permanent links on other WebPages.

There are several steps to ensure that the article will be placed onto a greater number of quality sites. The links you get in this way must have the highest quality. 

No longer can you write a gazillion low quality articles and place them on EZINE articles and get your Page Rank boosted. If you do that today Google may even penalize your website for getting too many low quality links. Google is tired of people spamming their search engine with low quality websites and Google will continue to make algorithm changes until they eventually fix is, although it seems as if the battle between Google and search engine optimization experts may go on perpetually.

Writing quality a lot of articles that are of high quality will help you to get both an increase in the Google search results as well as visitors who find the article on a blog and click over to it. In addition, the higher the quality of the article, then the more valuable it is considered to the blogger whose website you want to post your article on. If you have a high quality article that is both interesting and informative then you can guest post on high quality blogs and actually get good traffic back. If you write a crappy article for Ezine articles then you will get little to no clicks. You will be lucky if anyone even reads the crappy article much less clicking the link of yours.

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Another part of article quality is the spelling and punctuation in. If you have not used your spellchecker and formatted the article properly then it will not be attractive to blogs and they will not host your article on their blog. You can get it hosted on a spammy blog filled with crappy guest posts but again, we are trying to focus on quality so we can get quality link backs and actually people to click over because your article is listed on a blog that is actually read by real people regularly.

Make your articles stand out from the run of the mill article used by many Internet Marketers. . The primary purpose of writing the article is not to place a link to your site. The primary purpose of article writing is to make it interesting to read. The really interesting articles can be posted on websites with high traffic and Page Rank. The more sites to place your article, especially on more sites will link to your site. This can give a nice boost in the search results for your keywords. You do want to get a link back to your webpage from the guest post article you write, but it is vital that you first write it with the goal of making it interesting to read and very informative. If you cannot build trust among your readers then you will never be able to make article marketing work for you.

The more articles readers then the more people who will click on the link to the resource at the end of your article. Manually send out articles to sites with similar themes and in which you can get the most valuable links. The most valuable links come from sites devoted to specific niches that are directly related to your blog or website.

The best way to gain readers for the article is using link bait. Link bait is basically creating an interesting and catchy title that almost forces people to click on the title to find out more pit of curiosity. Articles with provocatively or even contradictory headlines attract more readers. A controversial title could be something like “Top 10 Ways Men are Smarter than Women”. A provocative title could be something like “Top 10 Whitehouse Nipslips”.

With all of the Google changes the World of article marketing has changed rapidly. No longer can you flood article directories like EZINE articles and expect to get a lot of traffic and a huge boost in your page rank.

As far as page rank goes, just forget about it. Seriously you need to forget about Google page rank. The only way you should be measuring your website is by unique visitors, total page views, and your revenue per thousand page views. Everything else can go bye bye. Focus on the basic of creating good content for your own website first, and then you can branch out and begin writing great content for other websites in order to get additional traffic and hopefully increased rankings in the Google search engine results.

Many people will continue to try and do article marketing and get links back to their website using the old methods that are no longer reliable. If you want to make money and get traffic you will need to adjust your methods. If you are tired of fighting Google and all of their changes then stop it. Seriously, stop fighting them and do not worry about your rankings. If you just focus on creating great content that is interesting then traffic will follow. There is no need to write a ton e of crappy articles when 5-10 great articles a week will work just fine at helping you reach your Internet marketing goals.