Article writing can be done by yourself or you can hire a ghost writer to do the work for you. If you chose to outsource i.e. get a ghost-writer, don’t assume you don’t have to do any work because you still need to. You will have to find a writer by, researching different writers, their prices and there time scale. You will also have to tell them exactly what you want them to do because without your instructions your ghost-writer will be left in the dark. When all the above is completed and you have received your articles, you will still need to proof read the work. If the articles are not up to your exceptions you can ask them to redo them or cancel the contact and find another writer. There's no point paying for work that you then have to change after you receive it.

Writing your own Articles

Now if you want to write the article yourself then good on you. I always say I am going to outsource or use PLR articles (PLR = articles that allows you to use them as is or change for your needs) but when I start to put it on my site I just can't help myself from rewriting it because I have you put myself into my writing. I don't like writing but I will do it so my readers get good content that is fresh and has my personality.

Where to put your Articles

You can use your articles in many places but the best place for article marketing to use articles directories like, They are free to use and the top article directories get millions of views everyday. Article directories help you to share your article to many plus if the reader want s to put your article on thier website or blog they can and you get all the credit.

The Resource Box

When you submit your article to article diectories you are given some space to put your important links to your website or blogs. Remember that even if you get a ghost writer to write your work you are still the author and its your details that needs to go in the resource box.  If 100 people decide they like your article and take it for their website or blog then thats 100 new places your website details will be, which will widen your audience online.

Once the article is written, you should distribute it to as many article directories. Submitting the articles yourself will be time consuming but well worth it. When you start seeing an increase in your website or blog you will see that all the work was worth it.