Put More Money in the Bank

In a world where more and more people are out of work, there is no better income than mo ney that keeps working for you over and over again. With the right online publisher and a good knowledge of SEO, article promotion is all that is needed to push that paycheck through the roof.

Have You Ever Googled....?

We have all Googled topics related to making money at home. More than likely, that is how Infobarrel was found in the first place. The trouble with so many websites that claim to help the user make more money online is that they have very little to no traffic. Here is the 1-2-3 combination we all need to make money with article promotion online.

1 - Find the right online publisher, or several.

The right online publisher will truly pay out what they say they will pay. There are many websites like this online and you should not choose just one. The key to article promotion to make money online is to spread out your talents.

2 - Concentrate on a niche.

If you are new to writing, a niche may be a difficult concept. Basically, try starting with one website and only write about one thing. This could drive more traffic to your work and your article promotion will earn you more money.

3 - Keep refreshing the articles.

There is nothing worse than leaving an article on a website to stay without refreshing it once in a while. Sometimes, articles that are refreshed move to the front page for a short time, no matter how old they are and that means more hits and more money. Refreshing consists of updating the keywords and checking the new keyword density.

Once these three topics are in order, the time for article promotion is now. Article promotion is a method of taking a title and making it popular. You can utilize friends on social networks, create a blog or make an A list article and promote from there via article submission websites.

What is an A List Article?

An A list article is one that explains another article or group of articles in a more vague way. Think of this article as an introduction to the other articles you have written.