Article Review: CIS Bans Pair

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This article talks about how Canadian Inter-university Sport is joining forces with the CFL and the Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport in a crackdown on steroids in football. So far 2 have been banned on a national level and more are being disciplined at the varsity level. The CFL director of football operations Kevin McDonald is pushing to increase testing and harsher punishments in all leagues. This crackdown is the result of the 50 unannounced tests huge results that returned surprisingly high rates of doping.The system has been accused of having loopholes before, mostly because of it's lack of off season random testing.

Athletic director Brian Heaney of Acadia is going hardcore and is taking the canadian zero tolerance policy to heart. He says that he hopes to implement a single offense expulsion from varsity sports. He wants clean sport and is prepared to increase punishments, including stripping any financial rewards from offending players.

The importance of this issue is it's significance to anti doping efforts nation wide and the continuing push to remove banned drugs from football and sport in general. Tougher restrictions and punishments mean a decrease of doping (for now) but also means a decrease of sport. In some cases whole Varsity teams have been shut down even though the majority of players have not been offenders. The relevance is to anyone on the sporting community. The fact that a team is canceled due to a few players is a shame not only for the players but for the coaches, fans and the university body as a whole. The same goes for provincial and national levels of sport as well. The iron fist attitude being brought into effect and attempt to squelch drugs use is regrettable and many debate its' morality. In our own schools and universities here we must recognize the consequences of this movement and determine which is the most moral and effective way to discipline and prevent drug use. The irony of developing immorally excessive and strict punishment to prevent an immoral act is something to be paid attention to. the consequences of that way of thinking affect us all.

Personally I agree that it is not right to gain an unfair advantage through drugs. However I do not think drug use is a black and white issue, it's just not cut and dried. I am wary of overly strong punishments and do not believe in retribution. Often times I find this way of thinking too prevalent in our society and believe in a system where offenders are helped and encouraged to grow beyond cheating, stealing or harming others or themselves in some way. I am not partial to people who simply want to sick the hammer of justice upon them.

Altogether this article brings to attention the growing effort to eliminate banned drugs from sport and the methods being used.


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