Why do I need article rewrite software?

With Google putting such an emphasis on the importance of having quality backlinks, most Internet marketers and article writers understand the importance of using free blogging platforms, article directories, and social bookmarking sites to not only "advertise" their work, but also to create the backlinks required to rank well in the search results.

The problem is that Google, as well as many other Web2.0 properties discourage duplicating content on the Internet, specifically for self-serving purposes. The dilemma then is whether to "rewrite" articles thousands of times by hand in order to optimize your site enough to get noticed, or to simply not market yourself at all. Luckily there is some middle ground, where the article "rewriting" task can be somewhat automated and you can focus on submitting the "new" articles to all of the web2.0 properties as well as doing what you actually love: writing new content.

How Article "Spinning" Works

Using software to rewrite articles automatically for you is called "spinning" an article. The process is simple; the software automatically goes through your article and finds synonyms for as many words as possible and then randomly uses combinations of those words to make the entire article unique thousands of times over.

What does google think of spinning content?

There has been a lot of controversy over the ethical validity of using software to spin articles, but all I will say is that if you truly have a great piece of content, the odds of it naturally cutting through all of the spam on the Internet is unlikely. In order for any message to be heard, it must be broadcasted loud and clear. By simply duplicating your article on multiple platforms google will only index it only one time. The reward those who reword their articles is being indexed on as many platforms as there is a unique spin on the article. Is it cheating? I think not. Google's purpose is simple- provide helpful links to searchers looking for answers. If your content is actually relevant and helpful, spinning articles is simply a way to make it clear that you have something valuable to say.

The Unwritten Rules Of Spinning

With that said, the important thing to remember is that you must be spinning something valuable and original. Article rewrite software is a tool just like anything else. It can be used for good or for evil. Here are some rules to remember when spinning content:

1. NEVER spin someone else work and call it your own.
2. Make sure your content is helpful. There is no shame in earning a living promoting or reviewing products that you use and love. But do not add more spam to the web in an attempt to make a quick buck.
3. ALWAYS re-read your spun articles before posting them. It is best to use the "manual" function of spinners. Sometimes the automatic spins don't really make sense. Either way the only way to be sure that your article is valuable is to re-read each one before you post it anywhere.

If you are interested in trying out article rewriting software, I recommend a product called "The Best Spinner." It's what I use everyday, and I highly recommend it.