• Includes a 5-day free trial - more than enough time to see results!
  • Costs less than $100, no recurring payments, and free upgrades.
  • Short learning curve.
  • 60-day money-back guarantee.
  • Unmatched number of article directories, and you can even use it to submit to high PR directories like EzineArticles.
  • It works!


  • Though Article Marketing Robot submits to many more directories, it is not as powerful overall as SENuke. But it is much, much cheaper, and unless you're in a very competitive niche, you're unlikely to need all the functions of SENuke.
  • In the process of creating profiles and submitting articles, you will need to solve many captchas by hand. However, it does support third-party captcha-solving services.
  • It is addictive.
  • It can be misused to spam article directories with unreadable articles. Spin your articles with care.
  • If you pour too many links onto a new domain all at once, it can be counter-productive. Instead, spread your links out across a link chain or link wheel that points to your money site.

Full Review

This is a review of Article Marketing Robot, by far the best automated article marketing tool I've ever used.

Here's how it works:

Article Marketing Robot automatically creates accounts for you on over 2,000 article directories. Not only that, but it checks your email for you and automatically confirms your accounts.

Once that is done, you can either write an article in the software interface, or simply copy and paste one in. You can then spin your article using jetspin syntax, and the software has an excellent thesaurus. Spend some time doing this - spin every paragraph, sentence, and phrase - and you can create nearly 100% unique articles, so you're never submitting duplicate content.

Next, you can use this automated article submitter to either blast your article to all the directories at once (not recommended), or drip submit your article to the directories over a course of hours, days, weeks, or months.

You can even have the software submit your articles to your own blogs - especially helpful if you have several autoblogs in the same niche.

The software can check the article directories you've submitted to, find where your articles have been published, and create a rss feed that you can then submit to rss aggregator sites.

I used the free trial of this software to get two of my sites on page one of Google. And one of those was for a competitive search term with 181,000,000 results!

If you're not careful, however, using this powerful piece of software could completely sink your search engine optimization efforts.

First, if you misuse the spinner, you could end up creating articles full of gibberish. Google is getting smart about this. Only create articles that are useful and readable.

Secondly, if you blast the articles out all at once, you could send a new domain into the land of the lost. It is a better idea to create a link wheel or link chain that links to your money site, and spin the articles so that the links are spread across several sites.

In Closing

I have tried all kinds of article submission software to try to make money on the Internet. I've also fallen prey to a few of those "push button" software scams that cost much more than this tool, and this one does what it says, and without the hype.

Now there are only three tools I use to make money online - a keyword research tool, a rss submitter, and Article Marketing Robot.

Use the five-day free trial and find out for yourself exactly how powerful this article spinner and submitter is!