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Article Spinning - I Don't Bother And Neither Should You

By Edited Jul 30, 2015 5 11

Article Spinning Is Nothing More Than Google-Friendly Duplicate Content

Articles spinning

Article spinning has become a bit of a trend in online marketing. In case you're not 
familiar with it, article spinning involves taking an original article and putting it into a piece of software that generates several more articles by changing nouns and adjectives. The process has become popular because it allows you to create several "unique" articles in the time it would take to write 2. Article spinning is more or less a quick way to recycle the same information and allow you to repost it without being penalized by Google for duplicate content.

Make The Internet A Better Place

I don't spin any of my articles. I never have and I'm not about to start. I think most marketers, writers and online business owners would agree that if your content doesn't make the internet a better place, it doesn't belong there. If you take a well-written, informative article and submit it to a spinning program, it changes words and creates something that is effectively the same information and regurgitates it several different ways.

Here is an example:

"John went to the store and bought an ice cream. He ate it while he walked home."

Nothing wrong with that. But enter it into an article spinner and you get this:

"John travelled to the market and purchased an ice milk. He consumed while he journeyed home."

Spun Articles Are More Difficult To Read

Article spinning programs will produce 10 or 20 of these variations for each article submitted. It's not that the second version is terrible, it just makes very poor use of the English language. There is no substitute for a set of human eyes on a piece of work. These programs create articles that make awkward and sometimes downright incorrect use of the English language, and often need to be completely reworked to make any sense. You will know when you read a spun article, it will read as though it was written by somebody in an article factory in India that just completed a 2-day English course.

Create Unique Content

I also take issue with spun articles being duplicate content. I would argue that taking the same information and presenting it on 20 different web sites using slightly different wording does not add value to or make the internet a better place. Consider your intent, if your primary motivation for spinning your articles is to create tons of links to your website, you are likely not creating anything of value. If your goal is to generate sustainable long-term traffic, article spinning is not for you.

Now of course, in doing this, you are just playing by the rules that Google has set up. Google doesn't own the internet and only controls what they display in their search results. You could really have 10 spun articles showing up in the top 10 positions in Google for your keywords (although this is highly unlikely). You would only be playing by the rules that they have set.

So what if you found a cure for diabetes and wanted to get that information out to the world as quickly as possible? Google prevents you from copy/pasting the information to 100 different websites as they will not show up in the search rankings because of their duplicate content rules. I guess in such a case you could justify article spinning if your motivation is right but I still wouldn't bother.

Article spinning creates a "new" article that requires heavy editing to be readable and still won't be high quality. You wrote the first version properly. You chose the best adjectives the first time, and anything recreated from that in my opinion is going to be an inferior piece of work. Take the time to create unique, original content and leave the article spinning to the amateurs. They're easy to spot.

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Sep 13, 2012 11:59am
Spot on article! Article spinning is on par with plain old spamming, in my opinion. I can't wait till the day Google figures out a way to clamp down on the practice somehow...
Sep 18, 2012 1:35am
I believe that it is extremely easy for Google to spot 'article spinning' or 'auto translated' articles, and then regard such content as copied.
Sep 17, 2012 7:17pm
I was thinking that Article Spinning would be great. But I just realized, writers who always using this spinning software are all lazy. LOL! But if I'm right, then I'm one of them. LOL :) But nice article to read.
Sep 18, 2012 2:09am
Good topic to write about. I hadn't heard of 'article spinning' prior to reading your article. Writing is about creativity and focused effort - not copying.
Sep 18, 2012 2:09am
In my experience, it takes less time to write a brand new original article while the ideas are still fresh on your head. Spinning just makes you look careless and lazy.
Sep 18, 2012 5:31am
Agreed. It takes marginally more time to use a new idea and write a whole new article than to correct a ton of grammatical errors that an article spinner spits out at you.
Sep 18, 2012 1:54pm
Excellent article. If I am going to be using content elsewhere I manually spin the article myself.... I write it from scratch!
Sep 18, 2012 2:22pm
Just write the thing! What does it take to write 500 or so words,10-15mins tops?
Sep 18, 2012 6:47pm
Very informative article espeially to a "web" ignorant person as I mostly am. Thanks for the education and two big thumbs from me.
Sep 27, 2012 2:59pm
HI - my very first comment :) I found this article link on a forum post helping a fellow writer. I absolutely agree with you and with brlamc - It takes at most 15 - 20 minutes to write a good original. Even a rewrite is better than spin, and it still only takes a few minutes to do it. I'm a freelancer by profession, and I've had numerous requests to "write an original and spin" that original into hundreds of versions for them - and was offered half a penny a word for the original, $10 for 100 spun versions. Um, no. I take pride in my work, and my fees - and refusal to write or use spun content - show that pride.

In my experience with these so called "writers" who want to pass off spun articles as original "Copyscape passable" articles, they don't care about anything except how much money they might make from them in the shortest time possible. Then, those same people usually pay others to like or share their articles, and pay them to click the ads too. I see ads for this type of "work" constantly on the IM forums. Great article - thanks ~JRemone
Sep 27, 2012 5:11pm
I should clarify. I don't have any issue with rewrites. I do rewrite some of my own material and produce more high quality content with it. It takes just a little time, and produces a product that is in no way inferior to the original. The difference is in the motivation of the writer and the quality of the finished product. I can spot a spun article from a mile away.
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