If you are a writer and want to get people to read your work, the easiest way is to be an article writer and to focus the links from all your articles back onto your own website. The cost is miniscule and the probability of earning making a profit is very high.

Compare this situation where anyone can write articles and make money with the traditional writer's dilemma of how to get a publisher to take their work on. Remember the Beatles' song, Paperback Writer? Nowadays you could substitute Article Writer.

Here's the original start of the song:

Paper back writer (paperback writer)
Dear Sir or Madam, will you read my book?
It took me years to write, will you take a look?
It's based on a novel by a man named Lear
And I need a job, so I want to be a paperback writer,
Paperback writer.

Here's the "modern" version:

Article Writer (article writer)
Hi bro or sister, won't you check my site?
It took me hours to do, will you take a byte?
It's based on a site may a man named Beer
And I need a job, so I want to be an article writer,

Many people dream of writing a paperback book. For almost all of them, it will remain a dream, but they could still experience the buzz that comes when other people reading their work.

You can write an article in less than an hour, rather than the years it takes to write a novel. The time investment is less. The financial investment required is zero if you write for an article submission site. The possibility of rejection is almost zero. The probability of earning from your work is much higher.

You could even set up your own website to showcase your articles.

Maximum investment $85 for website domain name and hosting. This site on article writing uses that exact method.

There are five parts to an Article Writer's work:

  1. Research, Plan and set up a website
  2. Plan and research an article
  3. Write the article, ideally 500-1500 words and post it on your own site
  4. Link to the article using rewritten versions of it on other sites
  5. Promote your article site using signature links on blog comments and forum comments and with RSS feeds

Article Writer's Work – Step 1. Research, Plan and Set Up a Website


You need to find a niche that has plenty of customers who are interested in buying related services and products. Ideally it will be an area you know a lot about and one that you can happily write about five times a week. Search for any niche terms you think of. If there are plenty of ads and affiliate products for sale on those sites, then it is a possibility.


Write down ten article titles in your niche. If you cannot write down ten titles, easily, then it is the wrong niche. Sign up for Clickbank and affiliate networks like Commission Junction, check for niche related products and ser4vices that your readers might want to buy. Sign up as an affiliate for each product, because it can take a while to get approved.

Set Up a Website

  • Build it in Wordpress
  • Set up Wordpress so articles are published as
  • Set up Wordpress so your posts go to a News page

This article writing site is set up in exactly this way, growing every day with new pages and new posts.

    Article Writer's Work – Step 2. Plan and research an article

    You need to find a title that will attract people and search engines. The article should be focussed on one or two different keyword phrases, but should read in a natural way.

    Start by writing sub-headings. The paragraphs for each sub-heading will be much easier to write than the full article without sub-headings.

    Article Writer's Work – Step 3. Write the article

    Write a few paragraphs for each sub-heading in your plan. Try to write an article at one sitting, it makes continuity easier, and makes you concentrate.

    Any article writer should do their original article writing at their most productive time. This is the part of an author's work that is most mentally draining, so if you are at your best in the morning at 5am, make sure you are up and writing at 5am.

    Post the original article as a Page on your own site

    Article Writer's Work – Step 4. Link to the article using rewritten versions of it on other sites

    Once you have written an article you need to do a few different things with it:

    1. Produce one full length, totally rewritten version
    2. Produce 4, different, half length rewritten versions
    3. Produce 5 different one paragraph summaries

    You are going to use these rewrites to link back to the original article on your own website. It might seem like a lot of extra work, but without it, your original article will never be read by anybody except you. You need to do this so search engines put your site high enough in their results listings that people will find it.

    • You should have already posted your original article onto a Page on your own website
    • Post one half length rewrite as a Post on your own website
    • Post the totally rewritten version on InfoBarrel.com
    • Post one half-length article on PostUrOwn.com
    • Post the second half length article on TheInfoMine.com
    • Post the third half length article at YouSayToo.com
    • Post the one paragraph summaries to Tipdrop.com, InfoPirate.com, TheInfoMine.com,Jevitt.com, and Fuelspace.com.

    The best way to organise the work is to do the original article one day and post it as a Page on your own site. Immediately, rewrite a shorter version and post it as a Post on your own site.

    Do the rest of the rewrites the next day, starting with the full-length version for InfoBarrel.

    It is vital that you rewrite the article manually for InfoBarrel. Avoid article spinners, InfoBarrel will reject any spun articles.

    Article Writer's Work – Step 5. Promote your article site using blog forum comments and RSS feeds

    Blog Comments

    Find posts on related subjects in blogs and make intelligent comments that show you have read the post and that add to the blog. If you have nothing positive and interesting to say, then move on. Avoid pointless "Good post" type spam comments. Be content with your profile link, if you try to post any other links the blog owner will just delete your comments

    Forum Comments

    Sign up for related forums, preferably ones with do-follow links. Play an active role in the forums and avoid any overt promotion of your website. Post only if you have something positive to contribute. Keep negative comments to yourself. Be very, very slow to post active links in your posts.

    RSS Feeds

    You will find many sites where you can post your RSS feed, or where you can set up a fresh feed. These sites bring fresh visitors to your website, and maybe even a few ad clicks. Start your RSS campaign b y signing up with Feedage.com

    And, when you've done all that, start the next article. Who said an article writer's life was easy? But at least it pays the bills and every article you write will keep on earning you money for years. As you finish more articles, your income should increase, until the time comes when you can just write for three or four days a week.