Coming up with fresh new article ideas can be a challenge and as many article writers have discovered can really be a big part of your writer's block. But it doesn't have to be like this. Here are 4 tips to get your creative juices moving and your fingers thumping away on the keyboard.

>>>> First You Should Be Using a Keyword Tool... Google's keyword tool is free and will give you 100's of keyword ideas, but there are other keyword tools that are just as good. Enter your topic and you'll soon see which keywords people are searching for. The results might even surprise you. you'll get lots of ideas for articles, writing about those phrases and keywords and you may find yourself going in a direction you hadn't thought of [but it will still be related to your main keyword].

Now that you have some ideas search for those keywords in Google or Yahoo and see what is making page one. You'll be quite surprised at some of the really interesting conversations taking place about your subject. For instance your subject perhaps might be about tennis balls, so you enter that into your keyword tool and the phrase [tennis ball machine] comes up. Then do a quick search for that phrase and there's over 4 million results returned. Some of those results may be about topics you haven't written articles about yet. Don't forget about using effective SEO content writing throughout your article.

>>>> Second, You Can Find 1000's of Article Writing Ideas From Twitter....Millions of people are using Twitter every day and if you're into topical articles you will find 100's of current ideas off of Twitter. Some examples are "Ghadafi", "Osama Bin Laden", "Michael Jackson", or how your favorite movie star is getting married again and are all trending on twitter. Can you find a trending topic that you can tie into your theme?  Or maybe you'll be inspired to write about something  you never thought of.

>>>> Third, Let's Not Forget About What's Making Headlines...Spend some time and watch the major news sources, whether it's Fox News, CNN, etc...Current events bring a lot interest across the board. If you are able to write an article about today's events and include it as part of your keyword content you'll get a lot of interest and many more readers. How does a calamity relate to your niche? Maybe an international group discussion on the economic condition of our world today impact your potential readers?

>>>> Fourth, What Are Some of The Hot Topics in Your Niche?...If you aren't reading what your competition is writing articles about you are losing out on a great opportunity. There's room for 1000s of articles on any subject out there and there's many different opinions on things. You might agree or disagree with somebody else's point of view, and you are able to write an article that tells your position on that topic without stealing their content. The odds are good if someone else is writing about a topic, people are thinking about that topic and would value some other educated viewpoint.

What about article writing services? Your audience wants you to write. If you don't write articles about what they're interested in, you will lose them. So remember to use these 4 tips if you want to find new article ideas that your readers are looking for. Your content exemplifies you and you need to keep it fresh and pertinent. The process can be sometimes difficult, but it can likewise be very rewarding. If you feel writer's block sneaking up on you...Look at guest blogging or ghostwriters to liven up your work.