When I say article writers do it naked, people immediately get an image in their head. Used properly, this can be an advantage to the writer. Using the title to pull in the reader is like showing a little leg to get attention.

Article Writers Do It Naked

Capturing the readers curiosity, is the number one job of the title. A taste for the article, must be developed in the first three or four words.

If the title isn't something that intrigues them, they'll disappear faster then they arrived.

Once we have their full attention, the body of our work, or the filling in the pie, so to speak, achieves a much higher chance of being tasted.

Our literary pie however, must contain relative filling. The reader must have an interest in the subject matter, otherwise they will bounce quickly, to something more up their ally.

Once they're looking at the article an interest in reading it will only come from the make up of the first paragraph. Usually this can be accomplished by explaining the articles unique title, along with a description of how the article will inform the reader of the subject at hand.

Internet users are fickle people. They have no patience for blabber. Getting a quick and informative grasp on the topic, is all they're looking for.

Your subject matter should be clear and to the point in the opening lines of the piece. Try not to waste the readers time. make sure you would keep reading if you were in their shoes.

The full body of the article, should contain enough information, to convey knowledge on the subject. Try to gather information relative to the subject that will add to the readers interest. Give them not only the pie they like, but the recipe for the pie.

All of these tips will bring the reader back for more. After they have been convinced that the writer is a good source of information, an easy way to get more info on the subject, a dedicated follower has now been created and can benefit us in many ways.

When we write articles on line, our motivations are varied. Some write specifically to earn an income. Some write to leave an educated legacy behind for the generations to come. Some write to get things off their chest and some do it for all three of these reasons.

Whatever the reason we're writing articles, we all want to do it well. No one sits down and sets out to write a bad article. It happens because the time and effort expended, as not adequate to perfect the variables that make up a good article.

Making adjustments is something that should be done after the article is complete but before we submit the piece. Never publish anything, until you are sure that you would read the whole thing, if it stumbled before you. This will prevent the possibility that any following you've developed will come across it and loose their faith in your content.

Tags or keywords are a very important part of getting anything noticed on line today. The right keywords, will bring the article to the subjective masses, specifically looking for information on that topic. The wrong keywords will make your article resemble a trampoline, as users quickly bounce to something more relevant to their quest.

We need a very absorbent sponge, rather then a trampoline. Absorb the reader with information. Give them a place to snuggle. Write in a way that is comfortable to read, the reader who is comfortable with the style and format of the piece, will settle in for the long haul. Having your article read word for word to the end, is after all, what we're aiming for.

After the article has been published, it needs to be nurtured. Back links and other various ways of publicizing our work are important to any writers longevity on line today. There is so much competition in this field. The cream of the crop, quickly rises to the top of the search engine rankings.

Using various search engine optimization techniques, will maximize the potential, of anything published on line. Keywords, keyword density, title composition, as well as the matching content that fits these variables, are all necessary steps to building traffic.

Some will find that employing an SEO company is easier then optimizing the article on their own. These companies can easily be found on line with a simple search for SEO.

There will be a ton of results, as there are many companies out there, that offer this service. Starting with the ones at the top of the search, is a good idea. These companies have already achieved for themselves, what it is we're seeking to get accomplished, top search engine listings.

The metaphor, article writers do it naked was used to draw in the reader. If you've come this far, I've succeeded in making my point. Take these tips and use them in your next piece. Watch your results for improvement.

Our work is our passion and should be taken seriously as such. Keep writing what you know and for god's sake, put some clothes on.