Working from home is a dream many people have, and for some, this dream has come true. Article writing, blogs, websites, or selling online being the most popular online business. With the internet and computers in most homes now, working from home is something that can be achieved.

Here are three tips for working from home:

1. Is article writing for you? - Make sure to sit down and decide if your article writing, website or internet business, is going to be a hobby or is it your goal to make this your full time income. You need to decide this now, because you will need focus and time to get your home internet business started.

Some people love their day jobs, and just want and/or need some extra money. Writing articles on the internet, or blog entries or selling things online, is a way to explore their creativity with the potential of making extra money. For many that is enough.

But if you want this to be a full time venture, then you can start out as a hobby, and work your way full time. But I personally find you have a different mindset between a "hobby" and a "full time" business. Really think about what you would like to do. Working from home is not for everyone. You don't get the same office interactions etc.. so you have to decide how you would like this to go.

finding balance with a home business

2. Make sure your family realizes, that you are starting a home business, and just because you are on the internet, does not mean that you are playing games or "fooling around" (as my friends put it!), that you are wanting to change the quality of your life and therefore theirs by getting this business going, and need some time to yourself to focus and plan and write.

This part can be very difficult. Even if your article writing, or internet business is going full steam ahead, and is successful, because you work from home, many people, including family, have a hard time understanding that you are not just fooling around. They don't tend to see you at a computer as a way to make full time money.

They don't take it seriously. I have run into people or neighbors, just showing up at the door, because I am home. They figure since I am home, I will have time for this or that. As much as it is nice to have a bit more freedom to visit friends and get out, you still need the discipline, especially at the start of this venture, when you are doing more article writing, than making money!

3. Block a certain amount of time each day for your business. This part is very important, otherwise, other things will fill your time. If you are still working full time until your internet business or website gets going, then you really need your family's co-operation. They will have to understand that you need some time and focus each evening to get this going.

Block out the time on your day timer just for your internet business, and stick to it. Write it on your home calendar too. But also, do not spend so much time on it, that you forget what your family looks like! Go for balance, after a couple of hours, I personally find I do not focus as well, you need to take a break or put it away until your fresh eyes can look at it the next day.

Keep a little notepad with you during the day. If you are working at your day job, sometimes ideas for articles or things to sell, or any ideas, will pop into your head at the strangest times, and then be gone just as quickly! Jot them down. Then later, during your blocked out special internet business time, you can review your ideas.

Starting an internet business, can be exciting, and fun. Come up with an idea or niche and run with it. If you are not sure where to start, and you are not sure if you even like writing, then start a blog. At, it is free. or you can write for Infobarrel it is free also

You can pick any subject you like and just start writing. After a few entries, you can apply for google adsense using your blog as the website, and start making money from your blog.

This is a great way to start. If you find you like it, then you can start writing for sites such as Infobarrel, Xomba and Senserely to name a few. These are all adsense sharing sites. You can even put your blog in your signature line, for people to follow.

It is also at this point, you can decide whether this is really for you or not. Don't jump full speed ahead buying up all those ebooks that promise you millions if you follow them.. Start your article writing, or online business small, and use as many free services as you can to get a feel for it.

Pick Topics that you Love for Article Writing

Pick a subject you are passionate about, and you will never run out of writing materials.

The more you know about a subject the better.  Make a list of titles for your subject and find pictures if you can.  How to articles do well too.Article Writing and Working From HomeCredit:

If you keep up with your articles, and blog entries, you can start to build passive income, but you need to stick with your routine of blocked time. In the beginning, when there is no money coming in, this can be hard to do, but keep it up, and learn more. I remember how excited I was when I saw that first .16 cents in my adsense account, my family thought I was nuts! I was so excited!

But at the end of the day, you still need to set aside some time to get this business going. It all sounds very good on paper, and the idea of it sounds inviting, but if you don't plan ahead, and block time to start, you will never get this internet business off the ground, their will always be laundry, dishes, dogs to walk etc. You just have to count this as an important chore, and not put it last.

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